The Man Who Fought the Devil

Read by Maria Therese

(4.8 stars; 64 reviews)

Jean Marie Vianney always found it hard to learn. In fact, he made history by receiving a zero as his examination mark after his first year of study in the seminary. But with determination, and with God’s help, he won through. He became a hard-working parish priest and then a pastor – the beloved Cure of Ars.

Week by week, year by year, his fame as an advisor and a confessor grew. People flocked from great distances to his little church, and privately, among themselves, they called him “saint”. The devil, furious at the ever-increasing number of souls being saved by the Cure, tempted and taunted the priest and even persecuted him physically. But Satan found he had met his match.

Eva K. Betz was a prolific catholic writer of biographical and historical books for children. (Summary from the dust jacket and Maria Therese) (3 hr 4 min)


01 - Chapter 1 17:18 Read by Maria Therese
02 - Chapter 2 13:45 Read by Maria Therese
03 - Chapter 3 13:55 Read by Maria Therese
04 - Chapter 4 15:42 Read by Maria Therese
05 - Chapter 5 14:35 Read by Maria Therese
06 - Chapter 6 17:44 Read by Maria Therese
07 - Chapter 7 17:33 Read by Maria Therese
08 - Chapter 8 18:07 Read by Maria Therese
09 - Chapter 9 18:25 Read by Maria Therese
10 - Chapter 10 16:50 Read by Maria Therese
11 - Chapter 11 13:45 Read by Maria Therese
12 - Chapter 12 6:54 Read by Maria Therese


(5 stars)

St Jean Vianney is one of my favorite saints, this was a delight to find and a delight to hear listen to it, it will do you good. It is well presented. St Jean Vianney - pray for us!

(5 stars)

I am not Catholic, but I found the story of this man’s life true to the nature of our lord Jesus Christ!

(4 stars)

A good view of life at the time of Napoleon and the role of the church

Amazing! Challenging!

(5 stars)

I loved this book! Amazing story and well read.

where are we to find such priest's today?

(5 stars)

(5 stars)

Great book, lovely and humble man...

Fair reading

(5 stars)

Although the reader mispronounced every French word, it's a good story of the great saint.

(5 stars)

The goal is to be with God at the end and receive your reward