The Tavern Knight

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(4.4 stars; 92 reviews)

Follow the exploits of Sir Crispin Galliard, also known as The Tavern Knight, in his defence of the King of England against Cromwell and his Puritan Entourage. (Summary by Ric Cornwall) (6 hr 49 min)


01 - On the March 17:11 Read by Deborah Knight
02 - Arcades Ambo 12:22 Read by Ric Cornwall
03 - The Letter 5:37 Read by Ric Cornwall
04 - At the Sign of 'The Mitre' 10:39 Read by Ric Cornwall
05 - After Worcester Field 18:13 Read by Ric Cornwall
06 - Companions in Misfortune 14:34 Read by Ric Cornwall
07 - The Tavern Knight's Story 24:44 Read by Deborah Knight
08 - The Twisted Bar 18:41 Read by Ric Cornwall
09 - The Bargain 15:50 Read by Ric Cornwall
10 - The Escape 10:52 Read by MitchHerd
11 - The Ashburns 11:41 Read by Ric Cornwall
12 - The House that was Roger Marleigh's 10:20 Read by Ric Cornwall
13 - The Metamorphosis of Kenneth 18:08 Read by Ric Cornwall
14 - The Heart of Cynthia Ashburn 17:25 Read by Ric Cornwall
15 - Joseph's Return 14:43 Read by Ted Garvin
16 - The Reckoning 23:54 Read by Ted Garvin
17 - Joseph Drives a Bargain 11:57 Read by Ted Garvin
18 - Counter Plot 8:49 Read by Ric Cornwall
19 - The Interrupted Journey 11:30 Read by Ric Cornwall
20 - The Converted Hogan 12:43 Read by Ric Cornwall
21 - The Message Kenneth Brought 31:03 Read by Ric Cornwall
22 - Sir Crispin's Undertaking 9:23 Read by Ric Cornwall
23 - Gregory's Attrition 19:01 Read by Ric Cornwall
24 - The Wooing of Cynthia 15:08 Read by Ric Cornwall
25 - Cynthia's Flight 26:47 Read by Ric Cornwall
26 - To France 9:30 Read by Ric Cornwall
27 - The Auberge du Soleil 9:09 Read by Ric Cornwall


Enjoyed this story very much!

(5 stars)

Sir Chrispin is a powerful knight with a rough reputation, hence his nickname of the Tavern Knight. However, he has good reason for his rough way of living. His wife and son were brutally murdered some 18 years ago, and he feels like he has nothing to live for except exacting revenge against those who committed this horrible crime. Fate, it would seem, has other plans for Chrispin. He may yet have a chance at redemption, and even a new life. But first, he must escape the hangman's noose and avoid the many attempts on his life. The chapters are mostly well-read, with a few errant noises here and there. The story line was great, all in all a wonderful book to listen to. Enjoy!

Starts slow but gets much better

(4.5 stars)

Learned about the English Civil War from this book. Characters all have complicated lives, which adds to the enjoyment. It makes me glad that I live now. The father/son relationship was developed really well.


(5 stars)

whirlwind of a story, I enjoyed it :) a few different readers but mostly one guy. no idea why, but it didn't hurt the story at all

Tavern Knight

(4 stars)

I really enjoyed the story and also the reader's ability to make the story come to life.... Excellent work..... thank you!!!!


(5 stars)

A somewhat slow developing tale. but still enjoyable. I hope that the reader reads more for Librivox.

good story

(4 stars)

story similar to another one of wronged youth and reckoning many years later with romantic twist

(4 stars)

very good tale once it started to gather speed

who is this narrator? She's an amazing talent!

(5 stars)