Subspace Survivors

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(3.9 stars; 327 reviews)

A team of space travelers are caught in a subspace accident which, up to now, no one has ever survived. But some of the survivors of the Procyon are not ordinary travelers. Their psi abilities allow them to see things before they happen. But will it be enough?

Smith's story "Subspace Survivors" first appeared in the July 1960 issue of the magazine Astounding. (1 hr 26 min)


Chapter 1 22:05 Read by Juliana M.
Chapter 2 25:57 Read by Juliana M.
Chapter 3 19:55 Read by Juliana M.
Chapter 4 18:43 Read by KirksVoice


the last chapter and ending

(3 stars)

was great in comparison to the narration of the first three chapters ... i would avoid that lady's voice if possible

ending leaves a little to be desired

(3 stars)

I really enjoyed this book. it had a bit of adventure and some interesting science. I think he could have went on explain a little more about the fetus'.

(2 stars)

not much story other than people with other than ordinary power meet and overcome challenges. no interesting sub themes. no detail to the bland landscape.

(3 stars)

Unfortunately very poor narration of the first 3 chapters which really made listening very hard and spoilt any enjoyment of the story.

A fun tale in space

(3.5 stars)

A fun sci-fi romp, largely devoid of plot or significant character development, but a fun listen


(5 stars)

I am not sure what I just read. nor am I sure who wrote it. Very strange.


(1 stars)

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Short Sci-fi romance

(3 stars)

Somewhat cheesy story, space travel and a little science thrown in. Fairy tale ending.