Meditations from the Pen of Mrs. Maria W. Stewart

Read by James K. White

(5 stars; 3 reviews)

Maria W. Stewart was America's first black woman political writer. Between 1831 and 1833, she gave four speeches on the topics of slavery and women's rights. Meditations From The Pen of Mrs. Maria W. Stewart—published in 1879, shortly before her death—is a collection of those speeches as well as her memoir, some meditations and prayers. They are political, poetical and sermon all at the same time; but in the milieu in which she lectured, they were a critically important part of the abolitionist movement years before the contributions of others such as Frederick Douglass and Sojourner Truth. Her speeches and essays espoused a return to Christian values and morality, but also proposed fundamental changes in gender roles in the midst of tremendous public opposition to the rights of blacks and of women. (Introduction by James K. White) (3 hr 55 min)


00 - Preface/Letters and Commendations 25:52 Read by James K. White
01 - Sufferings During The War 28:39 Read by James K. White
02 - Religion - Introduction 11:34 Read by James K. White
03 - Religion - Prayer 23:14 Read by James K. White
04 - Meditations Introduction, I, II and Prayer 9:48 Read by James K. White
05 - Meditations III, IV and Prayer 7:17 Read by James K. White
06 - Meditations V, VI, VII and Prayer 10:01 Read by James K. White
07 - Meditation VIII and Prayer 5:22 Read by James K. White
08 - Meditations IX, X and Prayer 12:11 Read by James K. White
09 - Meditations XI, XII and Prayer 9:32 Read by James K. White
10 - Meditation XIII, Prayer and Meditation XIV 11:44 Read by James K. White
11 - Lecture 14:22 Read by James K. White
12 - An Address Delivered Before The Afric-American Female Intelligence Society… 15:06 Read by James K. White
13 - An Address Delivered at the African Masonic Hall, Boston 23:34 Read by James K. White
14 - Mrs. Stewart's Farewell Address To Her Friends In The City Of Boston 26:47 Read by James K. White


Glad I listened to this book.

(5 stars)

Maria was way ahead of her time. She wrote and expressed herself very well, and diplomatically. I think this book should be required reading, not only for African Americans, but for Americans as well. She was very knowledgable about political historical events in Europe and around the world and gave good insight about injustice in The United States. Last she was a devout Christian and wanted to also make her plea in peace to educate and motivate her brethren to study qnd make something of themselves. I really enjoyed the book. Thanks to the wonderful reader too, great job reading it!