First Chapter Collection 001

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"Are you wishing sometimes that you had a good book which you don't know, that you might just read and enjoy? The goal of this collection is to introduce you to as many books as possible. Some are well known, some are not." Summary by Stav Nisser. (4 hr 35 min)


Last Day of a Condemned 3:10 Read by TriciaG
A Tale of Two Cities 6:31 Read by Laurie Anne Walden
Birdseye View of Far Lands 12:43 Read by Guero
Iracema, the Honey-Lips 3:45 Read by Leni
Jane Eyre 11:40 Read by Arielle Lipshaw
Noite na taverna 10:10 Read by Leni
Our Androcentric Culture, or The Man-Made World 20:11 Read by Elizabeth Klett
The Inferno 12:32 Read by Greg W.
The Romance of Mathematics 16:51 Read by TriciaG
Bleak House 17:30 Read by Andy Minter (1934-2017)
Footsteps of Fate 12:45 Read by Martin Geeson
Moby-Dick 17:08 Read by Michael Packard
Ferdinand Count Fathom 13:57 Read by Martin Geeson
The Bostonians 13:53 Read by LizMourant
The Scarlet Letter 3:38 Read by Jean Bascom
Bible (Wycliffe) 01: Genesis 7:33 Read by Martin Geeson
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 12:38 Read by Jean Bascom
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. 31:36 Read by thestorygirl
Cleopatra 25:32 Read by Ann Boulais
The Custom of the Country 21:44 Read by Elizabeth Klett