Through the Fray

Read by GabrielleC

(3.8 stars; 50 reviews)

Ned Sankey is a quick-tempered, strong-willed boy during the Luddite riots in Yorkshire. The happy times at the beginning of the story are soon marred by the death of his father. From there things only get worse. When things take a turn for the worst, how will he respond? (Summary by GabrielleC) (8 hr 19 min)


00 - Preface 2:42 Read by GabrielleC
01 - A Fishing Expedition 23:41 Read by GabrielleC
02 - The Fight on the Moor 23:09 Read by GabrielleC
03 - A Cropper Village 24:56 Read by GabrielleC
04 - The Worms Turn 24:22 Read by GabrielleC
05 - The New Master 24:36 Read by GabrielleC
06 - The Thief Detected 23:02 Read by GabrielleC
07 - A Terrible Shock 21:59 Read by GabrielleC
08 - Ned is Sorely Tried 25:02 Read by GabrielleC
09 - A Painful Time 23:41 Read by GabrielleC
10 - Troubles at Home 22:34 Read by GabrielleC
11 - The New Machinery 21:31 Read by GabrielleC
12 - Murdered! 22:08 Read by GabrielleC
13 - Committed for Trial 23:33 Read by GabrielleC
14 - Committed for Trial 23:21 Read by GabrielleC
15 - Not Guilty 22:09 Read by GabrielleC
16 - Luke Marner's Sacrifice 22:57 Read by GabrielleC
17 - A Lonely Life 34:50 Read by GabrielleC
18 - Ned is Attacked 37:44 Read by GabrielleC
19 - The Attack on Cartwright's Mill 22:44 Read by GabrielleC
20 - Cleared at Last 28:31 Read by GabrielleC



(2.5 stars)

This was certainly not Henty's best book, but a better narration would have helped. I have heard this reader on chapters of multi-reader books and the approach has always been the same: unprojected speech at "fast forward." One or two chapters are liveable, but an entire book? No thank you! If you are staunch fan of Henty you might persevere as did I, but for prospective listeners who are not familiar with his historicity, I urge you to seek other of his books first.


(1 stars)

The authorship certainly would cause a reader to have high expectations of an entertaining book. The story can not be entertaining if it cannot be understood. I could not understand the dialect. Since I couldn't decider the words, I had to stop listening. So many words seem to be in a foreign tongue. A version #2 could be of great help.

solid enjoyable book.

(5 stars)

Reader was very animated. She even did a passable version of the rather difficult brogue set in portions of the dialog. Some lack of clarity, so should not be listened to in a noisy environment.

(4 stars)

Book was good; main reader needs to slow down just a wee bit. Can’t understand some words because they are all run together.

(1 stars)

Speed reading and poor diction impossible to listen to this. Story might be good but could not listen beyond the 1st chapter

(4 stars)

would give 5 stars but the reader is difficult to understand .

unfortunate diction

(2 stars)

the narrators articulation wasn't clear

(3 stars)

she sounds like she is reading with a retainer in her mouth. I hope she got her teeth straight and is a beautiful swan now, because she sounds like the ugly duckling for this reading.