Magna Carta

Read by Jim Mowatt

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The original document is in Latin so this can only be a fairly rough approximation of the actual content. The text used is the first version in the Gutenberg collection. - Magna Carta is the most significant early influence on the long historical process that has led to the rule of constitutional law today. Magna Carta was originally created because of disagreements between the Pope, King John and his English barons over the rights of the King. Magna Carta required the king to renounce certain rights and respect certain legal procedures and to accept that the will of the king could be bound by law.
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Magna Carta 28:35 Read by Jim Mowatt


Very excellent document

(5 stars)

Wonderful reader and good document all around. This was a medieval history assignment and I verily enjoyed it. I learned quite a lot about the medieval times. Thank you very much! God bless.

Important document

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Good recording of the Magna Carta.


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This work relates the direct issues at hand when this important legal document was written and demonstrates what minor steps were taken to be the first to limit the powers of a kind, while claiming rights to citizens (or do I mean subjects) of a nation state (or do I mean kingdom). The recording is good all around and I recommend giving this a listen.

great reading

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great reading. Hearing an audiobook of this very dry text is a breeze versus reading it. now that I've exposed myself to this magnificent milestone, I'll let the info settle for a while, and then I'll reread or relisten to this in order to soak in more.

(5 stars)

Good Recording. Well delivered reading by an Englishman. A profitable half hour becoming acquainted with an important translated primary document of history

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Great reading of this influential document.

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love the vocals of the reader