The Green Rust

Read by Don W. Jenkins

(4.4 stars; 106 reviews)

A millionaire is taken suddenly ill, and sensing his mortality, he asks his attorney to do him one last favor—to find and secretly watch over his missing niece, the daughter of his profligate deceased sister. This niece at the appropriate time would become heir to his millions. However, the millionaire is mysteriously murdered, stabbed to death in his sick bed. Oliva Cresswell, the unsuspecting niece, has been a cashier in a large West End store for five years when she meets a Mr. Beale, a self-described wheat merchant, is attacked in her flat and rescued by this Mr. Beale, is offered a job as his confidential secretary, refuses him, is unexplainably sacked and finds herself in need of his offer. The mysteries multiply and deepen as the story proceeds. (Introduction by Don W. Jenkins) (8 hr 2 min)


01 - The Passing of John Millinborn 14:30 Read by Don W. Jenkins
02 - The Drunken Mr. Beale 19:58 Read by Don W. Jenkins
03 - Punsonby's Discharge an Employee 19:31 Read by Don W. Jenkins
04 - The Letters That Were Not There 15:35 Read by Don W. Jenkins
05 - The Man with the Big Head 14:19 Read by Don W. Jenkins
06 - Mr. Scobbs of Red Horse Valley 15:49 Read by Don W. Jenkins
07 - Plain Words from Mr. Beale 16:35 Read by Don W. Jenkins
08 - The Crime of the Grand Alliance 14:36 Read by Don W. Jenkins
09 - A Crime Against the World 20:05 Read by Don W. Jenkins
10 - A Fruitless Search 14:50 Read by Don W. Jenkins
11 - The House Near Staines 16:12 Read by Don W. Jenkins
12 - Introducing Parson Homo 14:33 Read by Don W. Jenkins
13 - At Deans Folly 14:51 Read by Don W. Jenkins
14 - Mr. Beale Suggests Marriage 14:46 Read by Don W. Jenkins
15 - The Good Herr Stardt 15:12 Read by Don W. Jenkins
16 - The Pawn Ticket 14:50 Read by Don W. Jenkins
17 - The Jew of Cracow 18:18 Read by Don W. Jenkins
18 - Bridgers Breaks Loose 15:14 Read by Don W. Jenkins
19 - Oliva Is Willing 14:06 Read by Don W. Jenkins
20 - The Marriage 11:02 Read by Don W. Jenkins
21 - Beale Sees White 15:51 Read by Don W. Jenkins
22 - Hilda Glaum Leads the Way 14:03 Read by Don W. Jenkins
23 - At the Doctor's Flat 13:38 Read by Don W. Jenkins
24 - The Green Rust Factory 12:14 Read by Don W. Jenkins
25 - The Last Man at the Bench 12:37 Read by Don W. Jenkins
26 - The Secret of the Green Rust 14:58 Read by Don W. Jenkins
27 - A Scheme to Starve the World 13:34 Read by Don W. Jenkins
28 - The Coming of Dr. Milsom 14:02 Read by Don W. Jenkins
29 - The Lost Code 12:49 Read by Don W. Jenkins
30 - The Watch 12:29 Read by Don W. Jenkins
31 - A Cornchandler's Bill 7:36 Read by Don W. Jenkins
32 - The End of Van Heerden 23:21 Read by Don W. Jenkins


Funny and fun adventure

(4 stars)

After the first two chapters, I was ready to give it up as an overdone melodrama. Then I read Mike's review and decided to hang on a bit longer. I'm glad I did. Yes, it's full of stereotypes and melodrama, but it's also funny and catches you into the story. Take it for what it is and it is a enjoyable listen. Don Jenkens read this as a solo project and did a very good job of fitting his reading style to the material.

I enjoyed this story - kept me listening

(4 stars)

The story opens with a murder under mysterious circumstances. Change of scene to an apartment complex where Olivia Crestwell lives. She has a good job, and a nice gentleman neighbor who shows a lot of interest in her. Suddenly, Olivia loses her job with no information given to her as to why. Coming to her rescue is the icky Mr Beale, a different neighbor known for his drunkeness. He warns her to be cautious, but Olivia just can't seem to get into her mind that things might not quite be as they appear. I have to admit, Olivia kind of annoyed me with her tendency to be too trusting and unsure of herself. The story overall was really good, and kept me listening. The reader did a nice job with voices and inflections. All in all, it was a very good read.

Not the best Wallace

(3 stars)

More adventure than mystery. Though written in 1919, it is in an overly-wordy, late-Victorian style reflecting social values which at the time were twenty years out of date. Often repetitious, which makes me think it might have first appeared in serialized form. Good reader.

Pretty good tale

(4 stars)

This book is set in the 1920s, a few years after the end of WWI. It features a particularly nasty German nationalist who has concocted a diabolical scheme to wreak revenge against the Allies for extracting financial reparations through the terms of the Treaty of Versailles. There is an American Secret Service agent and a plucky British woman at the heart of this story of international intrigue. Quite interesting and complex plot. Don Jenkins, the Librivox volunteer reader, is his usual sparkling self :)

Audio Theater

(5 stars)

This reader is an artist. 10 stars and a rhubarb pie.The story was good too. The villains are over the top maniacs which is accurate and realistic if you compare them with real life super villains. The love story that develops is the icing on the cake. These events are disturbingly reflective of some of the current events of our time, minus the heroism and patriotism of the past generations.

enjoyed the reader of a slow paced story

(3.5 stars)

It is a relief to read a suspenseful situation of global terrorism without hyped up violence, where the romantic tension is chivalrous rather than ribald. Still, it's several hours long with few moments of high drama.


(4 stars)

This is the 1st Edgar Wallace book I've listened to, and I enjoyed every moment. It's perfect, light listening, and appropriate for all ages. I prefer single reader projects, and found this, just great.

(3.5 stars)

Kind of long. I skipped a few chapters but still wanted to hear how it ended. The narrator was good. His narrations of 'Bindle' are more interesting