Desperate Remedies

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(4.6 stars; 44 reviews)

Cytherea Graye is poor, but accepts a post as lady's maid to the eccentric Miss Aldclyffe, the woman whom her father had loved but had not been able to marry. Cytherea in turn loves a young architect, Edward Springrove; but will Miss Adclyffe's machinations, the knowledge that Edward is already engaged to a woman whom he does not love, and the urgent need to support her sick brother drive Cytherea to accept the hand of Aeneas Manston? Will true love triumph in the end or will she be forced to live a life of misery with a man she doesn't love? ( Michele Eaton ) (15 hr 55 min)


00 - Prefatory note 1:55 Read by Philippa
01 - The Events of Thirty Years 36:48 Read by Philippa
02 - The Events of a Fortnight 33:35 Read by Philippa
03 - The Events of Eight Days 42:47 Read by Lisa Reichert
04 - The Events of One Day 12:50 Read by Rod Moss
05 - The Events of One Day 53:16 Read by shihping
06 - The Events of Twelve Hours 56:41 Read by shihping
07 - The Events of Eighteen Days 39:38 Read by shihping
08 - Part 1 - The Events of Eighteen Days 29:15 Read by Bryony Ford
08 - Part 2 - The Events of Eighteen Days 27:38 Read by Bryony Ford
09 - The Events of Ten Weeks 50:50 Read by Lisa Reichert
10 - The Events of a Day and Night 52:36 Read by Malcolm Fisher
11 - The Events of Five Days 49:43 Read by Lisa Reichert
12 - The Events of Ten Months 57:42 Read by Malcolm Fisher
13 - Part 1 - The Events of One Day 38:38 Read by Malcolm Fisher
13 - Part 2 - The Events of One Day 32:01 Read by Malcolm Fisher
13 - Part 3 - The Events of One Day 23:36 Read by Malcolm Fisher
14 - The Events of Five Weeks 24:20 Read by Lisa Reichert
15 - The Events of Three Weeks 28:37 Read by Lisa Reichert
16 - The Events of One Week 33:57 Read by Lisa Reichert
17 - The Events of One Day 23:16 Read by Lisa Reichert
18 - The Events of Three Days 46:04 Read by shihping
19 - Part 1 - The Events of a Day and Night 42:55 Read by shihping
19 - Part 2 - The Events of a Day and Night 42:18 Read by shihping
20 - The Events of Three Hours 16:06 Read by Lisa Reichert
21 - The Events of Eighteen Hours 41:29 Read by shihping
22 - Sequel 17:15 Read by Lisa Reichert


excellent readers, another fine Hardy novel

(4 stars)

Thank you all readers, in this collaborative. I hope that more collaboratives perform second, third and so on, so forth, readings of many of Thomas Hardy(and other author's) novels already read solo. I'll, with great trepidation, volunteer to read a few chapters if need be. My former chorus master said i was a good natural monotone :). i was hoping at least a limited range within baritone...oh well... Hardy is immortal to me but i doubt he was egotistical to aspire to be one of the greatest novelists Miss Aldclyffe and Aeneas Manston seem almost as diabolical, nefarious as bill and hillary clinton !!! :) . im about at chapter 13. I'll try to edit,revise and,or extend my "review"(i.e. mostly irrelevant non sequitur, sorry its best i can do. but i feel i have a right since there may be some of my and others broken up puzzle pieces(i.e non sequitur or rambling remarks that have some value)when i finish listening. Desperate Remedies is a book that is hard to put down or stop listening too to take a break. btw, I hope i'm not the only one who misses the dearly beloved Lucy Burgoyne (1950 - 2014). She must be in a better place, god bless her. thanks to librivox, internet archive, and others who have saved her charming, down to earth, Elder voice for posterity

Pleasant change

(4.5 stars)

Finally ! A Hardy novel where the woman isn’t bad & none of the good characters kill themselves ! 😁. Seriously a pleasant change from many of Hardy’s novels. Quite long & the suspense & mystery just keep building ! Happy to have listened to this !


(4.5 stars)

I thoroughly enjoyed the above title. The 'readers' (without exception) enhance the experience. I had never read this title even though Thomas Hardy is a firm favourite of mine, but I was hooked from the start. A great big thank you to all involved. Frances

(5 stars)

Delightful story with excellent characterization and emotional impact. I guessed several of the twists part way through, but that did not lessen my enjoyment.

A very exciting story

(5 stars)

I usually find Hardy to be dark & almost depressing, but this was an excellent mystery.

excellent reading

(5 stars)

This is one of the best Librivox recordings I've heard. All readers are wonderful. Thank you!

Mostly excellent readers

(4.5 stars)

Enjoyed every chapter. Many twists and plots to keep you hanging…

(4 stars)

I really enjoyed this book. the reading was excellent!