At The Sign of The Jack O'Lantern

Read by Daryl Wor

(4.4 stars; 28 reviews)

This begins with an odd inheritance at the end of a honeymoon, both parties being inexperienced. Then someone comes to visit, then another, until we've got a chaotic bedlam of New England's tragically off the wall odd-ball relations. Our protagonists may not communicate efficiently at first but at least they've got a sense of humour. The humourous style keeps up as well as some moments of lustre and rich feeling about the printed word itself. (Introduction by D. Wor) (7 hr 9 min)


01 - The end of the honeymoon 20:49 Read by Daryl Wor
02 - The day afterward 20:20 Read by Daryl Wor
03 - The First Caller 21:26 Read by Daryl Wor
04 - Finances 16:02 Read by Daryl Wor
05 - Mrs. Smithers 18:55 Read by Daryl Wor
06 - The Coming of Elaine 19:54 Read by Daryl Wor
07 - An Uninvited Guest 19:44 Read by Daryl Wor
08 - More 19:56 Read by Daryl Wor
09 - Another 21:13 Read by Daryl Wor
10 - Still More 22:33 Read by Daryl Wor
11 - Mrs. Dodd's Third Husband 21:35 Read by Daryl Wor
12 - Her Gift To The World 22:25 Read by Daryl Wor
13 - A Sensitive Soul 20:09 Read by Daryl Wor
14 - Mrs. Dodd's Fifth Fate 22:22 Read by Daryl Wor
15 - Treasure-Trove 26:50 Read by Daryl Wor
16 - Good Fortune 21:32 Read by Daryl Wor
17 - The Lady Elaine Knows Her Heart 23:13 Read by Daryl Wor
18 - Uncle Ebeneezer's Diary 25:36 Read by Daryl Wor
19 - Various Departures 23:04 Read by Daryl Wor
20 - The Love of Another Elaine 21:53 Read by Daryl Wor


A Delight!

(5 stars)

A story with a title like this makes you think maybe it is a scary story, but no, this story is really hilarious. Daryl Wor narrates and brings the many colorful "relations" to life. This is a terrific story that will keep you laughing and smiling on those long drives to work. Thank you Daryl you did a superb job with this. Will be looking for your voice in other stories.

Delightful and Humourous

(4.5 stars)

I laughed out loud, more than once!


(4 stars)

This story has nothing to do with Halloween & isn't spooky. Ebeneezer was tired of his dead wife's relations coming to stay with him every summer, especially those that came around 3 am. So, he put windows & a porch on the front of the house & when lit at night it looked like a jack-o'-lantern. It annoyed me that he kept having wings built onto the house & furnished the rooms. That makes guests think you want them! The book was a bit longer than it should've been but the last half of the story made up for this. The reader did character voices which really helped me to keep track of the different people. I didn't LOL but I did enjoy this.