Vanity Fair

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Vanity Fair: A Novel without a Hero is a novel by William Makepeace Thackeray that satirizes society in early 19th-century England. Like many novels of the time, Vanity Fair was published as a serial before being sold in book form; it was printed in 20 monthly parts between January 1847 and July 1848.

Thackeray meant the book to be not only entertaining but also instructive; this is shown both by the narrator of the book and in Thackeray's private correspondence. The novel is now remembered as a classic of English literature, though some critics claim that it has structural problems; Thackeray sometimes lost track of the huge scope of his work, mixing up characters' names and minor plot details. The number of allusions and references it contains can make it difficult for modern readers to follow. (32 hr 20 min)


Chiswick Mall 17:37 Read by Michelle Crandall
In Which Miss Sharp and Miss Sedley Prepare to Open the Campaign 22:53 Read by Michelle Crandall
Rebecca is in Presence of the Enemy 18:00 Read by Michelle Crandall
The Green Silk Purse 32:03 Read by Wendy G.
Dobbin of Ours 26:56 Read by Michelle Crandall
Vauxhall 30:46 Read by Michelle Crandall
Crawley of Queen’s Crawley 19:19 Read by Stacey Ford Osborne
Private and Confidential 30:09 Read by Graham Williams
Family Portraits 22:38 Read by Graham Williams
Miss Sharp Begins To Make Friends 18:57 Read by Graham Williams
Arcadian Simplicity 40:20 Read by Betsie Bush
Quite a Sentimental Chapter 24:08 Read by Betsie Bush
Sentimental and Otherwise 29:03 Read by Guntar
Miss Crawley at Home 45:01 Read by Guntar
In Which Rebecca’s Husband Appears for a Short Time 21:32 Read by Guntar
The Letter on the Pincushion 11:31 Read by Guntar
How Captain Dobbin Bought a Piano 20:43 Read by Guntar
Who Played on the Piano Captain Dobbin Bought 32:03 Read by Michelle Crandall
Miss Crawley at Nurse 27:22 Read by Michelle Crandall
In Which Captain Dobbin Acts as the Messenger of Hymen 25:49 Read by Michelle Crandall
A Quarrel About an Heiress 26:23 Read by Chris Peterson
A Marriage and Part of a Honeymoon 24:55 Read by Chris Peterson
Captain Dobbin Proceeds on His Canvass 17:25 Read by Chris Peterson
In Which Mr. Osborne Takes Down the Family Bible 36:24 Read by Chris Peterson
In Which All the Principal Personages Think Fit to Leave Brighton 52:14 Read by Chris Peterson
Between London and Chatham 21:26 Read by Chris Peterson
In Which Amelia Joins Her Regiment 17:36 Read by Chris Peterson
In Which Amelia Invades the Low Countries 25:23 Read by Chris Peterson
Brussels 38:50 Read by Maureen S. O'Brien
The Girl I Left Behind Me 27:09 Read by Maureen S. O'Brien
In Which Jos Sedley Takes Care of His Sister 34:22 Read by Maureen S. O'Brien
In Which Jos Takes Flight, and the War Is Brought to a Close 14:03 Read by Maureen S. O'Brien
In Which Miss Crawley’s Relations Are Very Anxious About Her 22:00 Read by rachelellen
James Crawley’s Pipe is Put Out 36:29 Read by rachelellen
Widow and Mother 33:45 Read by Graham Williams
How to Live Well on Nothing a Year 24:58 Read by JemmaBlythe
The Subject Continued 48:33 Read by Monique
A Family in a Very Small Way 34:47 Read by chriss the girl
A Cynical Chapter 21:47 Read by Kymm Zuckert
In Which Becky Is Recognized by the Family 22:18 Read by Bethany Simpson
In Which Becky Revisits the Halls of Her Ancestors 30:01 Read by Bethany Simpson
Which Treats of the Osborne Family 20:06 Read by Chris Peterson
In Which the Reader has to Double the Cape 26:10 Read by Chris Peterson
A Round-about Chapter between London and Hampshire 28:18 Read by Chris Peterson
Between Hampshire and London 27:22 Read by Graham Williams
Struggles and Trials 24:20 Read by Graham Williams
Gaunt House 26:26 Read by Graham Williams
In Which the Reader Is Introduced to the Very Best of Company 30:49 Read by Dexnell Peters
In Which we Enjoy Three Courses and a Desert 19:50 Read by Cindy Scott Amero
Contains a Vulgar Incident 25:31 Read by hotchoccy
In Which a Charade Is Acted Which May or May Not Puzzle the Reader 59:00 Read by Graham Williams
In Which Lord Steyne Shows Himself In A Most Amiable Light 30:42 Read by Graham Williams
A Rescue And A Catastrophe 27:43 Read by Graham Williams
Sunday After the Battle 29:39 Read by Anne
In Which the Same Subject is Pursued 39:41 Read by Joyce Nussbaum
Georgy is Made a Gentleman 29:52 Read by Kymm Zuckert
Eothen 20:45 Read by Laurie Campbell
Our Friend the Major 28:18 Read by Laurie Campbell
The Old Piano 27:35 Read by Laurie Campbell
Returns to the Genteel World 15:51 Read by Bethany Simpson
In Which Two Lights Are Put Out 37:47 Read by Bethany Simpson
Am Rhein 27:56 Read by Bethany Simpson
In Which We Meet An Old Acquaintance 33:22 Read by Graham Williams
A Vagabond Chapter 49:08 Read by Graham Williams
Full of Business and Pleasure 23:08 Read by Graham Williams
Amantium Irae 44:43 Read by Chris Peterson
Which Contains Births, Marriages, and Deaths 58:52 Read by Anne


great book

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Disregard my comment above, it was a technical issue. Greatly entertaining book, thank you!

(5 stars)

Absolutely excellent! full of wit and brilliance