The Mystery of Mary

Read by Lee Ann Howlett

(4.5 stars; 1040 reviews)

Handsome young Tryon Dunham has just returned home on the train from a business trip one evening when he's accosted by a beautiful young woman at the station. She's terrified that she's being followed and asks Dunham if she may walk with him away from the station. Her manner and appearance are those of a well-dressed and well-bred lady. However, she refuses to tell Tryon her real name or why she is running away. He feels a responsibility for her and arranges for her to accompany him to a dinner party where she delights everyone there with her exceptional musical talent at the piano. Tryon then assists her in leaving the city on a later train that same night. Captivated by her beauty and talent, he is determined to solve the mystery of her identity. What frightened her so badly that she would leave wearing only the clothes on her back and no money? Is she an adventuress or thief masquerading as a lady in distress? A beautiful lunatic who has escaped an asylum? An heiress who has been declared missing? Tryon will not stop searching until he knows the answer. (Introduction by Lee Ann Howlett.) (3 hr 49 min)


Chapter 1 20:46 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
Chapter 2 24:51 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
Chapter 3 21:23 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
Chapter 4 22:59 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
Chapter 5 14:53 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
Chapter 6 16:19 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
Chapter 7 19:13 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
Chapter 8 3:54 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
Chapter 9 14:32 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
Chapter 10 17:16 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
Chapter 11 24:25 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
Chapter 12 29:24 Read by Lee Ann Howlett


The Mystery of Mary

(4.5 stars)

Delightful story beautifully read by Ms, Howlett. This book is quite different from Ms..Hill's usual writing style. I enjoyed it a great deal - and I enjoy her other boos too! I'll be putting other books by this narrator on my list. She's excellent!

great mystery love story

(5 stars)

nice job done by the reader. the reader doesn't really change her voice much for the characters, but you can easily differentiate them by her wonderful pausing & voice fluctuations. this little mystery is sappy with love story oozing out of every page, but it was still so much of a mystery that it balanced the mushy stuff. the male character leafs through some newspapers reading about various woman who all fit the description of Mary. while reading that part i was goin "oh thats her!" to each one! and even after mary tells her side of her story, you are left slightly wondering if it was true - i had doubt right to the last chapter! i love it when i don't have books figured out fully until the end.

Fun and Interesting

(5 stars)

It's a good story to listen to on its own or in the background. Good for your who like a little mystery in their romance without getting too gruesome. Definitely recommend!

Sugar Is Certainly Sweet

(5 stars)

When I think of "sugary sweet" I see my mother's beautiful, big , brown eyes, or see my father's intelligent green Irish eyes smiling as he quoted his beloved English, Irish and Canadian poetry. Good writing, poetry, drama or most any genre is part of my life and heritage. That is why Librivox is so precious to me and I am sure it is to many others. And, I do not mean to cast aspersions on any other review because we all have the right and freedom to speak and write in this country (USA) as we so choose. Grace Livingston Hill could never write anything but good literature (but I am sure I could never criticize it if she did). That is possibly because she is the niece of that wonderful woman ("Pansy"), who has inspired so many with her beautiful works. God bless you, Lee Ann, for your wonderful and talented reading of this little story. You were the person who first inspired me to listen, more and more, to this and other wonderful readers and literary works. And, God bless Librivox.

Don't judge by appearance

(5 stars)

It is said to "not judge a book by its cover" yet in this case it's a girl by her clothes. Grace Livingston Hill is creative with her touch of mystery and drama as well at including the Romance. If you are in the mood for a simple yet suspenseful tell this is it.

but money answers all things.

(5 stars)

I missed the Divine Romance in all of Pansy and much of GLH. It was also a stark reminder that a good name is to be chosen rather than great riches. The words of the Preacher are true, but I flinched at the way money is lavished.

Excellent narration

(5 stars)

Nice, light romantic story. Best thing about it is the reader. I love that she does not try to come up with different voices for each character. I always find that very distracting. It is better to let the listener’s own imagination determine the character’s voice.

the mystery of Mary

(4 stars)

charming fairy tail like story told with gentility and taste with enough mystery to hold ones attention.