Margaret of Anjou

Read by Cate Barratt

(4.6 stars; 91 reviews)

Margaret of Anjou, wife of England’s Henry VI, played a key role in launching the storied War of the Roses – the 30-year civil conflict fuelled by the Lancasters and the Yorks, each vying for the British throne in the 15th century. (4 hr 44 min)


01 - Preface and Chapter I. The Houses of York and Lancaster 15:15 Read by Cate Barratt
02 - Chapter II. Manners and Customs of the Time 17:37 Read by Cate Barratt
03 - Chapter III. King Henry VI 11:36 Read by Cate Barratt
04 - Chapter IV. Margaret's Father and Mother 14:49 Read by Cate Barratt
05 - Chapter V. Royal Courtship 19:14 Read by Cate Barratt
06 - Chapter VI. The Wedding 21:33 Read by Cate Barratt
07 - Chapter VII. Reception in England 9:35 Read by Cate Barratt
08 - Chapter VIII. The Story of Lady Neville 18:13 Read by Cate Barratt
09 - Chapter IX. Plottings 14:47 Read by Cate Barratt
10 - Chapter X. The Fall of Gloucester 11:49 Read by Cate Barratt
11 - Chapter XI. The Fall of Suffolk 13:27 Read by Cate Barratt
12 - Chapter XII. Birth of a Prince 9:16 Read by Cate Barratt
13 - Chapter XIII. Illness of the King 8:31 Read by Cate Barratt
14 - Chapter XIV. Anxiety and Trouble 13:39 Read by Cate Barratt
15 - Chapter XV. Margaret a Fugitive 9:03 Read by Cate Barratt
16 - Chapter XVI. Margaret Triumphant 4:32 Read by Cate Barratt
17 - Chapter XVII. Margaret an Exile 7:07 Read by Cate Barratt
18 - Chapter XVIII. A Royal Cousin 9:39 Read by Cate Barratt
19 - Chapter XIX. Return to England 12:41 Read by Cate Barratt
20 - Chapter XX. Years of Exile 9:03 Read by Cate Barratt
21 - Chapter XXI. The Reconciliation with Warwick 6:54 Read by Cate Barratt
22 - Chapter XXII. Bitter Disappointment 6:46 Read by Cate Barratt
23 - Chapter XXIII. Childless, and a Widow 10:37 Read by Cate Barratt
24 - Chapter XXIV. Conclusion 8:49 Read by Cate Barratt


Favorite Book By Abbott?

(5 stars)

This just might be my favorite book by Abbott that I’ve read thus far! I also appreciate the boldness of writing about a woman of power like Margaret of Anjou in a time when women were often overlooked.

Well read.

(5 stars)

An interesting book well read. Best enjoyed by readers already familiar with English history.

(5 stars)

Jacob Abbott is a new author to me, and this is the second book of his I have listened to. Book is very well written and full of interesting historic facts with the human element included so well. I feel I know Margaret of Anjou much better and can sympathise with her., and am glad Indid not live then!! Thank you for reading so well. ....... now to find another Abbot book to listen to!

Love this book

(5 stars)

I was very pleased with this book because I am an avid reader of English history and the Kings and Queens of England.

(5 stars)

well read, enjoyable and so informative! strong recommendation to the entire makers of history series.


(5 stars)

One discovers a genuine sense of the era.

(5 stars)

Good book about a tragic tale. Great reader.


(4 stars)

Good but reader, please stop saying punctuation out loud. It is unnecessary and takes us out of the story /conversation and makes it hard to follow and extremely irritating. We are all smart enough to understand when a person is speaking with out you saying "He said quote no unquote then went on to say quote I'll go too unquote" please and thank you for volunteering and reading so clear and quick