A Spinner in the Sun

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(3.9 stars; 12 reviews)

Myrtle Reed may always be depended upon to write a story in which poetry, charm, tenderness and humor are combined into a clever and entertaining book. Her characters are delightful and she always displays a quaint humor of expression and a quiet feeling of pathos which give a touch of active realism to all her writings.
In "A Spinner in the Sun" she tells an old-fashioned love story, of a veiled lady who lives in solitude and whose features her neighbors have never seen. There is a mystery at the heart of the book that throws over it the glamour of romance (Summary by Grosset & Dunlap publishers, 1913) (8 hr 2 min)


01 - "The Fire was Kind" 17:17 Read by sylly
02 - Miss Mehitable 19:38 Read by Kerneweck
03 - The Pearls 18:57 Read by Kerneweck
04 - "From the Depths of his Love" 12:09 Read by Linda Velwest
05 - Araminta 20:51 Read by Linda Velwest
06 - Pipes o' Pan 17:47 Read by Linda Velwest
07 - "The Honour of the Spoken Word" 22:41 Read by Linda Velwest
08 - Piper Tom 18:00 Read by Linda Velwest
09 - Housecleaning 16:44 Read by Linda Velwest
10 - Ralph's First Case 18:03 Read by Linda Velwest
11 - The Loose Link 17:34 Read by Snapdragon
12 - A Grey Kitten 17:52 Read by Linda Velwest
13 - The River Comes into its Own 19:14 Read by Linda Velwest
14 - A Little Hour of Triumph 11:32 Read by Linda Velwest
15 - The State of Araminta's Soul 17:09 Read by Snapdragon
16 - The March of the Days 17:59 Read by Linda Velwest
17 - Loved by a Dog 19:21 Read by Linda Velwest
18 - Undine 18:30 Read by Linda Velwest
19 - In the Shadow of the Cypress 16:57 Read by Linda Velwest
20 - The Secret of the Veil 18:50 Read by Snapdragon
21 - The Poppies Claim Their Own 19:45 Read by Linda Velwest
22 - Forgiveness 19:15 Read by Linda Velwest
23 - Undine Finds Her Soul 23:56 Read by Linda Velwest
24 - Telling Aunt Hitty 22:48 Read by Linda Velwest
25 - Redeemed 18:59 Read by Linda Velwest
26 - The Lifting of the Veil 20:26 Read by Snapdragon


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Thank you to the one commenter who said there was harm to an animal. The story sounds interesting but I am just too sensitive about animals, especially since I do volunteer work at a shelter. Thank you for including this in your review.

A bit of everything in this book

(5 stars)

This book is very drama, some mystery, and painful in many parts. A woman returns to the place where her life ended and her bitterness began. The one who hurt her is near, he and the son that should have been hers. She lives a life of seclusion, however, it would seem fate has determined a different path for her. The nosy spinster neighbor appears, determined to 'help' out. Then a traveler appears, playing his pipes and desiring nothing more than to pretty up her unkempt garden. Then, a young woman ends up having to convalesce in her home, which put her face to face every day with the son that should have been hers. When so many events collide, change is sure to follow. This story is very outside of my normal genre, but I found the story enrapturing. It really drew me in, and I was heartbroken during the sad parts, and the ending was beautiful. The chapters were mostly well done, with one very early on that had an echo problem, but the rest were fine. The readers clearly got into the storyline. It is a nicely done group effort. Thanks All!

Beautiful Story but Awful Narration

(1 stars)

I absolutely loved the first part of this book, but unfortunately had to stop at Chapter 4 due to the new narrator who continued to read for most of the book. I tried really hard to get through it, but she dramatically read in various voices and accents for each character but wasn’t consistent in the voices and accents; it became irritating and took away from the enchantment of the story. I love Myrtle Reed and have enjoyed many of her books. I was so intrigued by the story of this one, and hope to find another version without the dramatized reading.

(3 stars)

It starts gloomy and almost gives an unhealthy and morbid feeling but it turns out to be a nice story of healing and forgiveness and true love.

beautiful romance

(5 stars)

i loved this book, it is a great old-fashioned romance with a beautiful happy end. the readers all did a great job.

Warning Dog Cruelty

(3 stars)

A pleasant romance, however there is one scene of dog cruelty that is upsetting. All readers are good to excellent

lovely story

(4 stars)

Sweet story, nice to listen to.

very good read. tears and joy

(4 stars)