Five Tales

Read by David Wales

(4.5 stars; 46 reviews)

This 1918 book consists of five short stories or novelettes by Galsworthy. They are The First and Last (1914), A Stoic, The Apple Tree (1916), The Juryman, Indian Summer of a Forsyte (1918) This last became part of the trilogy The Forsyte Saga. (Introduction by David Wales) (11 hr 41 min)


01 - The First and Last, Parts I and II 33:06 Read by David Wales
02 - The First and Last, Parts III and IV 42:54 Read by David Wales
03 - The First and Last, Parts V to VII 28:23 Read by David Wales
04 - The First and Last, Parts VIII to X 32:28 Read by David Wales
05 - The Stoic, Part I 56:30 Read by David Wales
06 - The Stoic, Part II 49:10 Read by David Wales
07 - The Stoic, Part III 54:26 Read by David Wales
08 - The Stoic, Part IV 57:58 Read by David Wales
09 - The Apple Tree, Parts 1 and 2 24:37 Read by David Wales
10 - The Apple Tree, Parts 3 and 4 31:29 Read by David Wales
11 - The Apple Tree, Parts 5 and 6 25:34 Read by David Wales
12 - The Apple Tree, Part 7 1:09:43 Read by David Wales
13 - The Juryman, Part I 31:38 Read by David Wales
14 - The Juryman, Part II 24:40 Read by David Wales
15 - Indian Summer of a Forsyte, Part I 47:20 Read by David Wales
16 - Indian Summer of a Forsyte, Part II 17:29 Read by David Wales
17 - Indian Summer of a Forsyte, Part III 23:01 Read by David Wales
18 - Indian Summer of a Forsyte, Part IV 51:20 Read by David Wales


Entertaining Stories

(5 stars)

The short stories here are unique from each other and are individually longer than I expected. All of the stories are very good and very excellently narrated by Mr. Wales. In fact, I cannot say enough about how perfect the narration fits the melancholy themes of each tale. I’m a new fan of John Galsworthy and David Wales. Excellent!

Very Interesting

(4.5 stars)

This was my first introduction to Galsworthy and I'll definitely be reading more...theres a poignancy to a lot of these stories particularly the last one which I really felt....very well read also

(5 stars)

Tale 5 is an enjoyable post script to the Forsyth Saga. All the stories were engaging and well read

wonderfully observed

(5 stars)

beautifully read, wonderful text. a new discovery for me. will definitely read more Galsworthy. thank you.

five tales

(5 stars)

3 stars for the stories but five stars for David , excellent reading thank you

(4 stars)

what a wonderful reader! ! The stories were engaging too! Thanks very much David...

V Interesting

(4.5 stars)

Death seems to be the theme. Very well read

A bit verbose

(3.5 stars)

I found myself drifting in thought during these short stories & I usually love John Galsworthy's writing. Xcellent LibriVox Volunteer reader, whom I offer my most sincere Thanks.