Henrietta Temple

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(3.5 stars; 4 reviews)

The Armine family, in particular the young Ferdinand Armine, is in great financial difficulties. Ferdinand's grandfather has burdened the family estate with large debts, which his father did not manage to diminish. Ferdinand himself is not disposed to live with his small income alone, and during his time in Malta with his regiment, he incurs debts of his own.

The only thing that can easily pay for his debts and restore the house of Armine now is for Ferdinand to marry well, and the chosen wife for him is his cousin Katherine, the heiress to their grandfather's wealth. Katharine, who has idolized her cousin like their grandfather did, immediately consents to the marriage. But for Ferdinand, the match is a matter of necessity, not of love.

Just as Ferdinand is beginning to realize that this planned marriage will be a loveless one for him, a chance meeting with the beautiful Henrietta Temple changes everything. "There is no love but love at first sight", and this young lady proceeds to turn Ferdinand's world upside down.

Henrietta Temple is a semi-autobiographical novel and the author's first true success. Benjamin Disraeli, Earl of Beaconsfield and later British Prime Minister, based this novel on his affair with the married Henrietta Sykes. (17 hr 30 min)


01 - Book I, Chapter I 18:33 Read by Linda Andrus
02 - Book I, Chapter II 13:13 Read by Linda Andrus
03 - Book I, Chapter III 9:43 Read by Amanda Friday
04 - Book I, Chapter IV 10:23 Read by Amanda Friday
05 - Book I, Chapter V 6:36 Read by Barbara Clements
06 - Book I, Chapter VI 7:51 Read by Barbara Clements
07 - Book I, Chapter VII 17:01 Read by Nicole Lee
08 - Book I, Chapter VIII 10:28 Read by novelreader
09 - Book I, Chapter IX 19:24 Read by Linda Andrus
10 - Book I, Chapter X 13:41 Read by Linda Andrus
11 - Book II, Chapter I 16:21 Read by Linda Andrus
12 - Book II, Chapter II 7:58 Read by Linda Andrus
13 - Book II, Chapter III 6:06 Read by Linda Andrus
14 - Book II, Chapter IV 36:07 Read by CaprishaPage
15 - Book II, Chapter V 13:16 Read by Lynne T
16 - Book II, Chapter VI 32:24 Read by Linda Andrus
17 - Book II, Chapter VII 7:52 Read by spiritualbeing
18 - Book II, Chapter VIII 4:01 Read by Tika Sabu
19 - Book II, Chapter IX 17:09 Read by Linda Andrus
20 - Book II, Chapter X 9:21 Read by Martin Geeson
21 - Book II, Chapter XI 9:13 Read by Martin Geeson
22 - Book II, Chapter XII 13:54 Read by Martin Geeson
23 - Book II, Chapter XIII 24:45 Read by CaprishaPage
24 - Book II, Chapter XIV 21:17 Read by CaprishaPage
25 - Book III, Chapter I 11:10 Read by CaprishaPage
26 - Book III, Chapter II 22:11 Read by CaprishaPage
27 - Book III, Chapter III 24:49 Read by Linda Andrus
28 - Book III, Chapter IV 21:20 Read by Linda Andrus
29 - Book III, Chapter V 36:06 Read by Linda Andrus
30 - Book IV, Chapter I 13:32 Read by spiritualbeing
31 - Book IV, Chapter II 23:46 Read by Linda Andrus
32 - Book IV, Chapter III 8:02 Read by Robin Cotter
33 - Book IV, Chapter IV 9:28 Read by Lynne T
34 - Book IV, Chapter V 11:25 Read by Linda Andrus
35 - Book IV, Chapter VI 10:26 Read by Linda Andrus
36 - Book IV, Chapter VII 11:33 Read by Linda Andrus
37 - Book IV, Chapter VIII 14:57 Read by Michele Eaton
38 - Book IV, Chapter IX 8:30 Read by Michele Eaton
39 - Book IV, Chapter X 5:07 Read by April Gonzales
40 - Book IV, Chapter XI 7:43 Read by spiritualbeing
41 - Book IV, Chapter XII 12:48 Read by Linda Andrus
42 - Book IV, Chapter XIII 10:55 Read by Linda Andrus
43 - Book IV, Chapter XIV 12:23 Read by Linda Andrus
44 - Book IV, Chapter XV 5:30 Read by April Gonzales
45 - Book V, Chapter I 14:10 Read by Mary Herndon Bell
46 - Book V, Chapter II 8:36 Read by Mary Herndon Bell
47 - Book V, Chapter III 7:59 Read by Mary Herndon Bell
48 - Book V, Chapter IV 12:34 Read by Mary Herndon Bell
49 - Book V, Chapter V 11:34 Read by Mary Herndon Bell
50 - Book V, Chapter VI 7:32 Read by Mary Herndon Bell
51 - Book VI, Chapter I 5:57 Read by Libby Gohn
52 - Book VI, Chapter II 11:58 Read by Linda Andrus
53 - Book VI, Chapter III 13:54 Read by Linda Andrus
54 - Book VI, Chapter IV 7:50 Read by Linda Andrus
55 - Book VI, Chapter V 22:20 Read by Linda Andrus
56 - Book VI, Chapter VI 8:21 Read by Peter John Keeble
57 - Book VI, Chapter VII 7:28 Read by Peter John Keeble
58 - Book VI, Chapter VIII 9:45 Read by Peter John Keeble
59 - Book VI, Chapter IX 19:03 Read by Linda Andrus
60 - Book VI, Chapter X 20:27 Read by Linda Andrus
61 - Book VI, Chapter XI 17:56 Read by Linda Andrus
62 - Book VI, Chapter XII 13:01 Read by Lynne T
63 - Book VI, Chapter XIII 32:39 Read by Linda Andrus
64 - Book VI, Chapter XIV 29:52 Read by Linda Andrus
65 - Book VI, Chapter XV 16:14 Read by Linda Andrus
66 - Book VI, Chapter XVI 13:33 Read by Linda Andrus
67 - Book VI, Chapter XVII 10:38 Read by ToddHW
68 - Book VI, Chapter XVIII 13:57 Read by ToddHW
69 - Book VI, Chapter XIX 11:38 Read by Lynne T
70 - Book VI, Chapter XX 14:25 Read by ToddHW
71 - Book VI, Chapter XXI 20:04 Read by bala
72 - Book VI, Chapter XXII 8:13 Read by Jill Engle
73 - Book VI, Chapter XXIII 4:39 Read by Tika Sabu
74 - Book VI, Chapter XXIV 15:32 Read by ToddHW
75 - Book VI, Chapter XXV 10:36 Read by Martin Geeson


Unlikeable, Contemptible Protagonist

(1.5 stars)

1.5 Stars because I was *almost* able to bring myself to finish listening and the readers themselves were mostly understandable. Otherwise zero stars for the storyline. Ferdinand Armine is the most unlikeable protagonist I’ve ever encountered in literature. He makes poor choice after poor choice, blames everyone for his own misfortune, lies and misleads a woman he supposedly loves, and gaslights her into believing she is the one at fault for his selfish and unmanly conduct. Icky! The best characters in there were actually Henrietta’s father, who sees through Ferdinand’s cowardly behavior, and the money lender who loaned Ferdinand some cash. I understand this is semi-autobiographical. Again, icky.

(3.5 stars)

Good story. Most readers did alright. Skipped the last chapter because I can't stand the creepy style of that reader!