The Spanish Tragedy

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The Spanish Tragedy, or Hieronimo is Mad Again is an Elizabethan tragedy written by Thomas Kyd between 1582 and 1592. Highly popular and influential in its time, The Spanish Tragedy established a new genre in English theatre, the revenge play or revenge tragedy. Its plot contains several violent murders and includes as one of its characters a personification of Revenge. The Spanish Tragedy was often referred to (or parodied) in works written by other Elizabethan playwrights, including William Shakespeare, Ben Jonson, and Christopher Marlowe.

Many elements of The Spanish Tragedy, such as the play-within-a-play used to trap a murderer and a ghost intent on vengeance, appear in Shakespeare's Hamlet. (Thomas Kyd is frequently proposed as the author of the hypothetical Ur-Hamlet that may have been one of Shakespeare's primary sources for Hamlet.) (Summary by Wikipedia)


Ghost of Andrea, a Spanish nobleman; Hangman: MARTIN GEESON

Revenge: Availle

KING OF SPAIN: Lars Rolander

CYPRIAN DUKE OF CASTILE, his brother; ALEXANDRO, Portuguese Nobleman; BAZARDO, a Painter; Watchman 1; Citizen 1: Algy Pug

LORENZO, the Duke's son: DublinGothic

BELLIMPERIA, Lorenzo's sister; Isabella's Maid: JustineWalmsley

VICEROY OF PORTUGAL: Jason Mills Nigel Boydell

BALTHAZAR, his son: Jeff Schwab

HIERONIMO, Marshal of Spain: Amy Gramour

ISABELLA, his wife; Boy: Bev J. Stevens

HORATIO, their son: Max Körlinge

Spanish General; Deputy; Don Bazulto; Watchman 2; Citizen 2: Marty Kris

Portuguese Ambassador: Lucy Perry

VlLLUPPO, Portuguese Nobleman; Don Pedro; JACQUES, Hieronimo's servant; Watchman 3; Citizen 3: ToddHW

PEDRINGANO, Bellimperia's servant: Liberty Stump

CHRISTOPHIL, Bellimperia's custodian; Messenger: Carol Box

Lorenzo's Page: ChyAnne Donnell

SERBERINE, Balthazar's servant; Servant: Kristin Gjerløw

PEDRO, Hieronimo's servant: Peter Makus

Nobleman 1; Portingal 1: Ernst Pattynama

Nobleman 2; Portingal 2: JohnFricker

Narrator: Elizabeth Klett (2 hr 55 min)


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