The Old-Fashioned Fairy Book

Read by Carol Box

(4.9 stars; 36 reviews)

"And now, mamma, until your tea is ready, we know what you must do," said the children, in a breath. "Tell us a story—a 'real, truly' fairy tale, about a giant and a dwarf, lots and lots of fairies, a prince and a beautiful princess with hair to her very feet, a champion with a magic sword, a dragon-chariot, a witch dressed in snake-skin—and, if you can, an ogre. Don't punish anybody but the witch and the ogre; and please don't have any moral, only let everybody 'live in peace and die in a pot of grease,' at the end of it." "To be sure, we know most of mamma's stories by heart," said the sage elder of nine. "If she could only make up some new ones that aren't in any of our books! Or else, mamma, tell us something you heard a little bit of, long, long ago, from your nurse, and then make up the rest. But whatever one you tell, we'll be sure to like it anyhow." The stories told, the mother fell to musing, and the result is the little book here presented to the judgment of children other than her own—a few new fairy tales, on the old, old pattern! (Summary by Constance Cary Harrison (in her Introduction)). (7 hr 39 min)


00 - Fairy Days and Introduction 15:28 Read by Carol Box
01 - The Princess Eglantine 25:18 Read by Carol Box
02 - Dame Martha's Step-daughter 34:35 Read by Carol Box
03 - The Adventures of Ha'penny 30:38 Read by Carol Box
04 - Sybilla, Myrtillo and Furioso 16:38 Read by Carol Box
05 - The Magic Coffee-Mill 7:50 Read by Carol Box
06 - The Little White Mouse 23:14 Read by Carol Box
07 - The Fairies and the Fiddler 29:39 Read by Carol Box
08 - The Ice King's Bride 23:20 Read by Carol Box
09 - Deep-Sea Violets 39:27 Read by Carol Box
10 - The Wild Woodsman 9:05 Read by Carol Box
11 - The Frozen Hearth-Fairy 4:42 Read by Carol Box
12 - Rosy's Stay-at-Home Party 28:53 Read by Carol Box
13 - The Turkey Queen 33:22 Read by Carol Box
14 - Timid Agnes 8:04 Read by Carol Box
15 - The Ogress and the Cook 32:21 Read by Carol Box
16 - Miss Peggy and the Frog 10:05 Read by Carol Box
17 - The Leperhaun:A Legend of the Emerald Isle 8:02 Read by Carol Box
18 - The Trials of Sir Isumbras 11:10 Read by Carol Box
19 - Bisclaveret 7:04 Read by Carol Box
20 - Roswal and Lilian 15:05 Read by Carol Box
21 - Eliduc and Guilliadun 11:24 Read by Carol Box
22 - The Falcon-King 14:00 Read by Carol Box
23 - Sir Eglamour and Crystabell 20:31 Read by Carol Box


(5 stars)

Carol, thank you for reading these fairytales. your voice is lovely!

(5 stars)

This book has such wonderful tales and each are read so beautifully too.

Thank you

(5 stars)

wonderfully read, great stories

Good stories, Great reader

(4 stars)

Any child from 7 yrs or so will follow these old fashioned tales. I think Carol Box was the most fun, tho, the subtle way she makes the villain’s voice just sound like the narrator-only with a cold. All her characterizations were that kind, so that the story moved very smoothly. And the male hero just sounded a bit more stalwart than the others. Her expression and accent were just right too.