Anne's House of Dreams (version 2)

Read by Karen Savage

(4.9 stars; 1618 reviews)

Anne's story continues with her marriage to Gilbert and their years in the House of Dreams. ( Summary by Karen Savage)

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In The Garret Of Green Gables 10:17 Read by Karen Savage
The House Of Dreams 10:28 Read by Karen Savage
The Land Of Dreams Among 12:56 Read by Karen Savage
The First Bride Of Green Gables 7:04 Read by Karen Savage
The Home Coming 6:49 Read by Karen Savage
Captain Jim 10:29 Read by Karen Savage
The Schoolmaster's Bride 18:03 Read by Karen Savage
Miss Cornelia Bryant Comes To Call 22:01 Read by Karen Savage
An Evening At Four Winds Point 20:48 Read by Karen Savage
Leslie Moore 13:18 Read by Karen Savage
The Story Of Leslie Moore 17:39 Read by Karen Savage
Leslie Comes Over 5:19 Read by Karen Savage
A Ghostly Evening 8:31 Read by Karen Savage
November Days 6:16 Read by Karen Savage
Christmas At Four Winds 13:36 Read by Karen Savage
New Year's Eve At The Light 10:27 Read by Karen Savage
A Four Winds Winter 11:59 Read by Karen Savage
Spring Days 13:09 Read by Karen Savage
Dawn And Dusk 10:38 Read by Karen Savage
Lost Margaret 5:35 Read by Karen Savage
Barriers Swept Away 13:58 Read by Karen Savage
Miss Cornelia Arranges Matters 9:38 Read by Karen Savage
Owen Ford Comes 8:36 Read by Karen Savage
The Life-Book Of Captain Jim 12:45 Read by Karen Savage
The Writing Of The Book 6:35 Read by Karen Savage
Owen Ford's Confession 9:48 Read by Karen Savage
On The Sand Bar 10:27 Read by Karen Savage
Odds And Ends 13:02 Read by Karen Savage
Gilbert And Anne Disagree 11:28 Read by Karen Savage
Leslie Decides 11:06 Read by Karen Savage
The Truth Makes Free 7:44 Read by Karen Savage
Miss Cornelia Discusses The Affair 7:17 Read by Karen Savage
Leslie Returns 8:58 Read by Karen Savage
The Ship O'dreams Comes To Harbor 9:25 Read by Karen Savage
Politics At Four Winds 13:00 Read by Karen Savage
Beauty For Ashes 14:01 Read by Karen Savage
Miss Cornelia Makes a Startling Announcement 7:03 Read by Karen Savage
Red Roses 10:01 Read by Karen Savage
Captain Jim Crosses The Bar 6:34 Read by Karen Savage
Farewell To The House Of Dreams 15:27 Read by Karen Savage


... I was a little upset that it ended!!

(5 stars)

Here I sat, with a happy satisfied smile on my face at 4am, having listened to the last few chapters, only to abruptly acknowledge that... IT'S OVER... Karen Savage narrates such an amazing, lively version of literature that I feel I am a part of the story... irregardless of the author, I feel transported to a time when the breaking of a platter by Anne is an unforgivable moment in time, whereas breaking a platter by Susan is simply par for the course, and the juxtaposition is somehow NOT missed, even though Ms. Savage's narration gives nothing away. It is a true narrator that can convey the message of the author, without imposing her own interpretation of the text...and leaves interpretation to the reader. Ms. Savage narrates each character in a beautiful, truthful, wholesome way that has me wanting to start from the beginning... even if it's years from now. WELL DONE. Ms. Savage... I hope you are getting paid TENS OF THOUSANDS to narrate works. Your reading style and voice is deserving of it.


(4.5 stars)

This was a lovely story and I adore the reader. I listened to an audible version of Anne of Windy Poplars and was so pleased to get Back to this reader. She does such a lovely job and Anne’s voice will likely forever ring in my ears as Karen’s voice.

An amazing reader!😁

(5 stars)

And a wonderful, moving story! Lucy Maud Montgomery and Karen Savage make a great team. 💕💕💕❤️ love this book!!! 💞💞😘😘 I totally recommend this LibriVox recording!

Beautifully written and beautifully read

(5 stars)

Another wonderful reading by Karen Savage. I just loved this book. I think I almost liked it as much as the first one, and much more than the two to three previous. I love how the series has followed Anne throughout her life and in this book it shows Anne and Gilbert's love blossoming and maturing. Anne holds onto her same passion for living and loving and it is illustrated so well in this story. I really enjoyed all the new characters that were introduced too. They are so well developed that its easy to welcome them into Anne's life. Its a sweet, heartwarming, funny, and sometimes sad story and now it's one of my favorites!

(5 stars)

When I discovered LibriVox in 2006, Karen Savage was one the first Readers I became both acquainted with and captivated by: I new this talented lady—a Librarian who was also a multi-linguist, would someday delight a larger audience as a professional Reader, and find a pot of gold to boot. Although I do not speak or understand Spanish, I even enjoyed listening to her read a book in that language! The book just read by Ms. Savage, coupled with my own imagination helped me feel that I was a guest and friend of the characters in this House of Dreams.

comforting :)

(5 stars)

I have listened to Karen Savage's Anne recordings over and over during and after quarantine. There is so much that is encouraging and comforting and beauty-revealing in Ms. Montgomery's writing, and Ms. Savage does a brilliant job bringing the characters to life: with humour, lightheartedness, hope, warmth...... I had a wonderful time listening to House of Dreams again. There is just something very special about Anne Shirley--and something very special about Karen Savage.

A Restful Visit

(4 stars)

Anne's House of Dreams is a perfect way to calm your nerves and reset your anxiety levels. It's like taking a deep breath after a stressful day. None of the characters are perfect but they try to be kind to each other and do the right thing. There's no real plot, just a series of small stories but there's enough to keep your interest till the end.

(4 stars)

This is the second time round that I'm listening to this story. I do love the Anne books going with Anne on her life journey. very chocolate box story with happy ,sad and meaningful topics. A long lost time, slower pace of life so you have the chance of seeing the beauty and harsh reality that one experiences in life. Jackie of Ashford,Kent, UK.