With the Turks in Palestine

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While Belgium is bleeding and hoping, while Poland suffers and dreams of liberation, while Serbia is waiting for redemption, there is a little country the soul of which is torn to pieces—a little country that is so remote, so remote that her ardent sighs cannot be heard.

It is the country of perpetual sacrifice, the country that saw Abraham build the altar upon which he was ready to immolate his only son, the country that Moses saw from a distance, stretching in beauty and loveliness,—a land of promise never to be attained,—the country that gave the world its symbols of soul and spirit. Palestine!

No war correspondents, no Red Cross or relief committees have gone to Palestine, because no actual fighting has taken place there, and yet hundreds of thousands are suffering there that worst of agonies, the agony of the spirit.

Those who have devoted their lives to show the world that Palestine can be made again a country flowing with milk and honey, those who have dreamed of reviving the spirit of the prophets and the great teachers, are hanged and persecuted and exiled, their dreams shattered, their holy places profaned, their work ruined. Cut off from the world, with no bread to sustain the starving body, the heavy boot of a barbarian soldiery trampling their very soul, the dreamers of Palestine refuse to surrender, and amidst the clash of guns and swords they are battling for the spirit with the weapons of the spirit.

The time has not yet come to write the record of these battles, nor even to attempt to render justice to the sublime heroes of Palestine. This book is merely the story of some of the personal experiences of one who has done less and suffered less than thousands of his comrades.(Summary from the Introduction) (1 hr 54 min)


Introduction and Ch. I: Zicron-Jacob 11:07 Read by Aesthete's Readings
Pressed into the Service 16:15 Read by Aesthete's Readings
The German Propaganda 6:48 Read by Aesthete's Readings
Road-making and Discharge 7:48 Read by Aesthete's Readings
Hidden Arms 9:06 Read by Aesthete's Readings
Suez Campaign 17:36 Read by Aesthete's Readings
Fighting the Locusts 4:19 Read by Laurie Anne Walden
The Lebanon 10:43 Read by Laurie Anne Walden
A Robber Baron of Palestine 10:23 Read by Ann Boulais
A Rash Adventure 9:50 Read by Ann Boulais
Escape 10:54 Read by Ann Boulais


a great read

(5 stars)

a great history of the trials and tribulations of the Jewish community in Ottoman controlled Palestine

Very hard to understand

(2 stars)

Because of the accent... Thx for the good will though.

great historical backround to modern Israel

(5 stars)