The Genial Idiot

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(4.4 stars; 9 reviews)

John Kendrick Bangs once again takes us on a journey with the loveable, but somewhat self-opinionated and irritating Mr Idiot. (Summary by Michele Eaton) (3 hr 45 min)


01 - He Discusses Maxims and Proverbs 12:04 Read by Nigel Boydell
02 - He Discusses the Ideal Husband 14:29 Read by Nigel Boydell
03 - The Idiots Valentine 12:05 Read by Nigel Boydell
04 - He Discusses Finance 13:43 Read by Nigel Boydell
05 - He Suggests a Comic Opera 12:09 Read by Nigel Boydell
06 - He Discusses Fame 13:35 Read by Nigel Boydell
07 - On the Decadence of April-Fool's-Day 11:53 Read by Nigel Boydell
08 - Spring and its Poetry 11:25 Read by April Gonzales
09 - On Flat-Hunting 14:03 Read by Richard Kilmer
10 - The Housemaid's Union 11:02 Read by April Gonzales
11 - The Gentle Art of Boosting 13:54 Read by Margaret Espaillat
12 - He Makes a Suggestion to the Poet 12:18 Read by doonaboon
13 - He Discusses the Music Cure 12:25 Read by Robert Hoffman
14 - He Discusses Campaign Methods 11:55 Read by Margaret Espaillat
15 - On Short Courses at College 12:50 Read by Robert Hoffman
16 - The Horse-Show 13:14 Read by Margaret Espaillat
17 - Suggestions to Christmas Shoppers 9:51 Read by Rick Cahill
18 - For a Happy Christmas 12:12 Read by Richard Kilmer


Genial Idiot

(4 stars)

Another group of opinions Mr. Idiot has on many subjects. The world.according to the idiot is different than most he still is fun to listen to. Good job of reading by a group of readers and I enjoyed this reading.thanks to all of the readers for taking the time to do the readings. Enjoy


(5 stars)

This is so damned funny.