Bible (KJV) 14: 2 Chronicles

Read by Sundiata

(4.3 stars; 29 reviews)

2 Chronicles was purportedly written by Ezra the scribe. It expounds the history of King Solomon and the kings came after him. It is very similar to 1 and 2 Kings, but centers primarily on the Temple as the Presence of God among the people. It is a history of the Kings of Israel. (Summary by Sundiata) (3 hr 22 min)


Chapters 1-3 13:28 Read by Sundiata
Chapters 4-6 19:19 Read by Sundiata
Chapters 7-9 17:20 Read by Sundiata
Chapters 10-12 12:38 Read by Sundiata
Chapters 13-15 13:05 Read by Sundiata
Chapters 16-18 15:30 Read by Sundiata
Chapters 19-21 16:37 Read by Sundiata
Chapters 22-24 16:21 Read by Sundiata
Chapters 25-27 14:46 Read by Sundiata
Chapters 28-30 22:06 Read by Sundiata
Chapters 31-33 20:31 Read by Sundiata
Chapters 34-36 20:59 Read by Sundiata


(5 stars)

I really enjoy this narrator, because his slower tempo allows me to follow and understand the KJV Bible books he narrates (in this case Chronicles). If you are wanting to take time to hear and understand God's word and not just listening for a quick overview, then I would recommend this narrator. His slower tempo and pauses allow the Word to sink in. Also, considering the old english language plus the unusual names throughout the Old Testament of the Bible, this slower pace suits me! Thank You to the narrator- and all those who volunteer!


(5 stars)

there are many neg reviews about this reader. but he is 6 out of 5 stars for me. I love how he pauses for a moment at appropriate times, helping me to grasp truths & concepts I would otherwise miss. his voice is a melodic. this narrator has been my choice for the entire KJV Bible on Libravox. personally, if my purpose isn't to listen and take in the truths of the Word, why then spend my time listening to it? some people (rabbit readers) don't like his slower pace.. but this is easily solved by increasing the rate of narration speed

Not a great reader

(3 stars)

Very very slow, and not great besides. I actually went with a different version that was nearly an hour shorter than this one due to his slow speed. But thanks for taking the time regardless.

2 Chronicles (KJV)

(3 stars)

Although I admire the reader's desire to contribute to this audio series, the choppiness of speech and mispronunciation of several words made for difficulty in following along as I read and listened.

(5 stars)

I love listening to Simon/Sundiata read because his voice is gentle and comforting to me. And I truly love reading, studying, AND listening to God's Word. So, to me, this is a win, win.

One Of The Greatest Book Is Chronicles v

(5 stars)

I Listen To With My Android Phone And CD Player Thank Author For A Great Book Keep Making Them

Very clear reader, albeit just a little to slow

(5 stars)