The Awakening

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(3.9 stars; 170 reviews)

Owing to its highly personal content focused on feminine sexuality, this LibriVox edition was recorded by eight female readers.

The Modern Library edition of The Awakening has an introduction by Kay Gibbons, who writes: “The Awakening shocked turn-of-the-century readers with its forthright treatment of sex and suicide. Departing from literary convention, Kate Chopin failed to condemn her heroine’s desire for an affair with the son of a Louisiana resort owner, whom she meets on vacation. The power of sensuality, the delusion of ecstatic love, and the solitude that accompanies the trappings of middle- and upper-class life are the themes of this now-classic novel.” – As Kay Gibbons points out, Chopin “was writing American realism before most Americans could bear to hear that they were living it.”

To give you an idea of the subject matter, Project Gutenburg catalogues The Awakening under "Adultery -- Fiction -- Women -- Louisiana -- New Orleans -- Social conditions. (Summary by Denny Sayers) (5 hr 14 min)


Chapters I-V 36:13 Read by Kara Shallenberg (1969-2023)
Chapters VI-X 52:53 Read by Anita Roy Dobbs
Chapters XI-XV 40:08 Read by Michelle Crandall
Chapters XVI-XX 42:06 Read by Caroline Mercier
Chapters XXI-XXV 44:07 Read by Sandra in Wales, United Kingdom
Chapters XXVI-XXX 33:30 Read by Kymm Zuckert
Chapters XXXI-XXXV 30:55 Read by Kristen McQuillin
Chapters XXXVI-XXXIX 34:42 Read by Gesine


easy to listen to

(4 stars)

This is a well read story. All the readers give a great performance and make the story enjoyable to listen to. The only reason I am not giving it 5 stars is during one of the recordings the quality was a little diminished.

a rather good book but kinda shits the bed in the end.

(2.5 stars)

All about discovering oneself at the weakest point in life

(4 stars)

The recording

(4.5 stars)

I found that the recording moved very fast and kept me interested. However, it switched readers and that irritated me a little. Other than that, thank you so much it was brilliant.

The awkening review

(5 stars)

The awakening is really mind opening. To the women who feel what mrs.pontellier feels. The feeling is usually unknown and i believe whoever reads this book will relate.

Beautifully written book!

(5 stars)

Beautiful!!! I really enjoyed the readings and the story is so captivating.

not very good

(2 stars)

I didn't really like it

dark and deep

(4 stars)

well written for its time.