The Essentials of Prayer

Read by Elsa Gallo

(4.6 stars; 97 reviews)

The Sunday School Times says of the author, "he was a specialist in prayer and his books are for the quiet hour, for careful meditation and for all who wish to seek and find the treasures of God." This book is a ready helper for those who want to follow his path, with more and better communication with the Lord. (Summary by Editor & Reader) (3 hr 54 min)


00 - Foreword 2:01 Read by Elsa Gallo
01 - Prayer Takes in the Whole Man 17:21 Read by Elsa Gallo
02 - Prayer and Humility 16:00 Read by Elsa Gallo
03 - Prayer and Devotion 16:30 Read by Elsa Gallo
04 - Prayer, Praise and Thanksgiving 16:44 Read by Elsa Gallo
05 - Prayer and Trouble 23:09 Read by Elsa Gallo
06 - Prayer and Trouble (Continued) 12:51 Read by Elsa Gallo
07 - Prayer and God's Work 20:55 Read by Elsa Gallo
08 - Prayer and Consecration 21:25 Read by Elsa Gallo
09 - Prayer and a Definite Religious Standard 14:32 Read by Elsa Gallo
10 - Prayer Born of Compassion 16:28 Read by Elsa Gallo
11 - Concerted Prayer 17:24 Read by Elsa Gallo
12 - The Universality of Prayer 13:25 Read by Elsa Gallo
13 - Prayer and Missions 25:27 Read by Elsa Gallo


the essential of prayer in trouble

(5 stars)

We all go through seasons of trouble, fear and anxiety of the present and future. Most intense when we as humans cannot fix or control the problem at hand. I find this out of control feeling extremely painful when I see it in my children. For SO LONG I have been searching for coping skills when the last 22 years I have been weeping in sorrow feeling helpless when I had the power of prayer within me the entire time. How foolish of me. Thank you for this iesson, pulling me right back on track to walk with the Lord. Amen

Good book on prayer

(5 stars)

Really was moved by this book. Alot of pointers to meditate on,for ones communication with the Lord. Bounds touches on so many areas of prayer that one may not think of or meditate on. Bounds was called a specialist on prayer. After hearing this book I can say he opened up prayer in a far different light for me. Thanks to Elda Gallo for her narration and LibriVox for this Bounds great book.

(4.5 stars)

when I first started this book I stopped it while in ch. 1. I thought it was going to be too poetic and "dreamy". I then gave it a second go and am I glad I did! Much to contemplate. Stop and meditate at times when God is speaking to you through Bounds. The reader did great; clear and smooth. Highly recommend.

(4 stars)

Today, when 80% of our news is provided by 3 giant P.R. (public relations) companies to 5 corporations owning 80% of our news providers and 3 giant investment banks are running out of places to invest the money of the oligarchs, we are in the gravest extreme need for effective prayer! (Note: Please read 'Giants (Rule The World)' by the 'Censored Yearbook' guy, to learn who is behind The Great Reset) Back to 'The Essentials...', Excellent book! Well read and an essential reference work for your library. Listen and pray with your family! As a world, we've never needed Jesus more! We must not be divided by this tactic of "the father of lies." We must stand together and resist the powers of darkness in high places! We must win the good fight of faith through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

Pray. Have Faith.

(5 stars)

This has been a blessing. There is a much larger work by Bounds on Prayer. You may find it a blessing as well.

I was extremely blessed by this book! Every Christian should read it!

(4 stars)

Some of the words were not pronounced correctly.

Give it a shot!

(4 stars)

Once I got past the first two chapters I was hooked! Definitely still relevant today.

(5 stars)

The reading is quite mature, spiritually articulate and suitable to the subject, with a notable touch of Grace.