Australian Miscellany

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

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A collection in celebration of 2012 Year of Reading Australia. Readers chose fiction, non fiction and poetry - we only asked that the readings should have some sort of Australian hook. So they can be by an Australian author, or about Australia, or just have a prominent bit of Australianess in the plot. Failing that: even being performed by Australians will do!
And that the works should be PD in Australia and the U.S.A.
Introduction by Annise (4 hr 32 min)


Introduction to an Anthology of Australian Verse 18:01 Read by Algy Pug
Australasia 2:50 Read by Algy Pug
Impressions of Sydney 25:29 Read by Sue Anderson
When Your Pants Begin to Go 3:35 Read by Jason Mills
Waltzing Matilda 2:13 Read by Phil Chenevert
Echo from the Old Bark School, An 3:09 Read by Snapdragon
Piece of Poetry for Mother and Father to Read, A 2:18 Read by Snapdragon
Introduction to Sir George Grey, Pioneer of Empire in Southern Lands 29:56 Read by Keri Ford
Effects of the Gold Discovery 7:00 Read by Carol Box
Town Life in Australia 13:24 Read by Timothy Ferguson
Muse of Australia, The 1:07 Read by KateC
We called him 'Ally' for short 7:33 Read by Linda Jenner
Water Them Geraniums 23:57 Read by Algy Pug
Water Them Geraniums Part 2 45:29 Read by Algy Pug
Guide for Poits, A 5:22 Read by Algy Pug
Rats 6:25 Read by Daniel Gosson
We Call him 'Ally' for Short 7:46 Read by Daniel Gosson
No Room for the Dead 0:54 Read by Charlotte Duckett
Wormwood and Nightshade 5:56 Read by Daniel Gosson
Wolf and Hound 4:35 Read by Daniel Gosson
Last Leap, The 2:18 Read by Daniel Gosson
From Lightning and Tempest 1:48 Read by Daniel Gosson
Johnson, Alias Crow 2:02 Read by Daniel Gosson
Song of Autumn, A 1:08 Read by Daniel Gosson
Hunting Song, A 1:33 Read by Daniel Gosson
Exiles Farewell, An 2:35 Read by Daniel Gosson
Bush Cats 8:25 Read by Daniel Gosson
Wail Of The Waiter (A Tavern Catch), The 4:04 Read by Jason Mills
Johnson's Antidote 5:17 Read by Daniel Gosson
South Seaman, The 25:53 Read by Rapunzelina