History of Billy the Kid

Read by Roger Melin

(4.5 stars; 494 reviews)

A cowboy outlaw whose youthful daring has never been equalled in the annals of criminal history.
When a bullet pierced his heart he was less than twenty-two years of age, and had killed twenty-one men, Indians not included.

The author feels that he is capable of writing a true and unvarnished history of "Billy the Kid," as he was personally acquainted with him, and assisted in his capture, by furnishing Sheriff Pat Garrett with three of his fighting cowboys--Jas. H. East, Lee Hall and Lon Chambers.

The facts set down in this narrative were gotten from the lips of "Billy the Kid," himself, and from such men as Pat Garrett, John W. Poe, Kip McKinnie, Charlie Wall, the Coe Brothers, Tom O'Phalliard, Henry Brown, John Middleton, Martin Chavez, and Ash Upson. All these men took an active part, for or against, the "Kid." Ash Upson had known him from childhood, and was considered one of the family, for several years, in his mother's home.

Other facts were gained from the lips of Mrs. Charlie Bowdre, who kept "Billy the Kid," hid out at her home in Fort Sumner, New Mexico, after he had killed his two guards and escaped. (Introduction by the author) (2 hr 19 min)


01 - Chapter 1 9:23 Read by Roger Melin
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(4.5 stars)

was a really great story hope others enjoy it also

A very interesting history

(5 stars)

This is a brief but very interesting account of the young adult life of Billy the Kid, written by a contemporary who knew Billy and many of Billy's associates. It is very authentic and detailed. Roger Melin is one of the best Librivox readers, and does his usual excellent job.

History of Billy the Kid

(5 stars)

Good read and wonderful narration. This is the first book I've listened to from this narrator, but it certainly won't be the last.

Well done

(5 stars)

Good job by the narrator and an interesting text that seems to at least try it's best to convey his life accurately. Warning there are some racially insensitive but period appropriate racial terms used in the text.

History of Billy the Kid

(4.5 stars)

Great book, I've seen the movies and read books on the subject but this is pretty trust worthy considering the author was so close to the action and did his homework.

Good Cowboy Biography of Billy

(5 stars)

Charlie tells his personal account of being buds with the Kid on the Texas Panhandle and adds to his text by interviewing those that rode with and after the Outlaw.

(3 stars)

interesting, but a very neutral portrait of a wicked ruthless evil man, " didn't count Indians in the 21 men he killed don't consider them people"

(4 stars)

Very interesting details of the shower lived outlaw. narration by the one reader was nice and his tone and pace very favorable.