The Highwayman

Read by James E. Carson

(4.4 stars; 17 reviews)

A romance and adventure novel, set in England during the reign of Queen Anne. The book is much unlike the author's later detective short stories. The actual book is difficult to locate and appears to have been forgotten. It is not even listed by Wikipedia as part of the author's work, never mind have any information on the book itself. (Summary by JCarson) (9 hr 6 min)


01 Part 01 52:30 Read by James E. Carson
02 Part 02 54:01 Read by James E. Carson
03 Part 03 56:12 Read by James E. Carson
04 Part 04 58:59 Read by James E. Carson
05 Part 05 1:02:49 Read by James E. Carson
06 Part 06 1:00:06 Read by James E. Carson
07 Part 07 54:13 Read by James E. Carson
08 Part 08 1:06:33 Read by James E. Carson
09 Part 09 58:21 Read by James E. Carson
10 Part 10 22:37 Read by James E. Carson



(5 stars)

Wonderful book, written with such a love of the characters, that I felt as if I knew each of them, by Part 4.


(5 stars)

Have already written a review but forgot to add that I thought the story line was excellent Loved the characters. Would really be grateful for more of this author to be read

great book

(4 stars)

Great reader one of my favourites. Thoroughly enjoyed this book mainly because of reader. Have tried to give it five stars but for whatever reason it is only allowing me to show four stars. So here’s a written ‘five star’ recommendation. Thank you so much mr Carson for giving your time to LibriVox is appreciated greatly.

(4 stars)

good story a little hard to understand because the reader pauses at the worst time then runs through the ends of sentences so it's hard to understand the dialogue. that is in addition to his poor pronunciation

sexy story!

(5 stars)

great hidden gen with lots of full characters and blatant sexiness! unexpected for the time it was written.