Amusement Only

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(3.5 stars; 12 reviews)

This is a collection of 12 short stories of mystery and humor, which are, as the title says, for amusement only. (Summary by Carolin) (8 hr 23 min)


01 - The Lost Duchess, Chapter 1 18:16 Read by NoelBadrian
02 - The Lost Duchess, Chapter 2 17:48 Read by NoelBadrian
03 - The Lost Duchess, Chapter 3 20:23 Read by NoelBadrian
04 - The Strange Occurrences in Canterstone Jail, Chapter 1 26:42 Read by roeg11
05 - The Strange Occurrences in Canterstone Jail, Chapter 2 26:17 Read by roeg11
06 - The Strange Occurrences in Canterstone Jail, Chapter 3 25:00 Read by roeg11
07 - The Strange Occurrences in Canterstone Jail, Chapter 4 16:29 Read by roeg11
08 - Twins, Chapter 1 5:15 Read by Carmen H
09 - Twins, Chapter 2 15:36 Read by Carmen H
10 - Twins, Chapter 3 10:05 Read by Carmen H
11 - Twins, Chapter 4 7:04 Read by Carmen H
12 - Twins, Chapter 5 5:45 Read by Carmen H
13 - A Vision of the Night, Chapter 1 25:51 Read by Kristin G.
14 - A Vision of the Night, Chapter 2 18:58 Read by Kristin G.
15 - The Way of a Maid with a Man 21:31 Read by Jill Janovetz
16 - Aunt Jane's Jalap, Chapter 1 13:11 Read by Jill Janovetz
17 - Aunt Jane's Jalap, Chapter 2 21:11 Read by Jill Janovetz
18 - Aunt Jane's Jalap, Chapter 3 6:30 Read by Jill Janovetz
19 - Aunt Jane's Jalap, Chapter 4 7:47 Read by Jill Janovetz
20 - Willyum 12:55 Read by Kevin Alix
21 - His First Experiment, Chapter 1 22:40 Read by Crln Yldz Ksr
22 - His First Experiment, Chapter 2 21:38 Read by Crln Yldz Ksr
23 - An Old-Fashioned Christmas, Chapter 1 11:56 Read by Stephen Kinford
24 - An Old-Fashioned Christmas, Chapter 2 21:11 Read by Stephen Kinford
25 - By Deputy, Chapter 1 8:29 Read by Pascal Ramseier
26 - By Deputy, Chapter 2 8:04 Read by Peter John Keeble
27 - By Deputy, Chapter 3 15:34 Read by Peter John Keeble
28 - By Deputy, Chapter 4 6:34 Read by Peter John Keeble
29 - Mr. Whitings and Mary Ann 14:55 Read by Stephen Kinford
30 - A Substitute, Chapter 1 5:12 Read by Kevin Alix
31 - A Substitute, Chapter 2 31:36 Read by Kevin Alix
32 - A Substitute, Chapter 3 13:16 Read by Kevin Alix


Good book

(4 stars)

A few stories are better than others, but it is overall a great listen when one is at work. My favorite is "The Strange Occurrences at Canterstone Jail." A magician is tried and convicted of being a fake. The judge says he is welcome to prove he isn't a fake while he is in jail. The magician takes him up on the offer... "Aunt Jane's Jalup" made me groan at what the poor people had to go through. You can listen to them one at a time, or all at once. Enjoy!

4 only for story 1

(4 stars)

I tried to listen to this but could not get in to any of the stories other than the first one. The narration of the first story was very well done and the story was rather cute. The other stories I could not get in to because I just did not care for the narration or the story did not hold my interest. I am glad that someone else enjoyed this, it just was not for me.

Sections of this are excellent

(4 stars)

I generally find people who object to the style of reading done by volunteers odious, so I'm about to make myself odious to myself. There's one story in the book which, although it is technically fine, I could not force myself to sit through. Much of the rest of the book is five star, and because they are short stories, you could just skip the problematic sections.


(3.5 stars)

An oddball collection of widely varying stories. The uniqueness of them is a tribute to the wide scope of Marsh's imagination. Mostly very interesting except for one whose reader was totally impossible to understand.

(1 stars)

I was not amused. stories I was able to listen to were rather flat to my mind or I just did not understand the point. stories not listened to were due to recordings.