Read by Kevin Green

(4.4 stars; 292 reviews)

In a future time, the solar system is powered by one energy source, controlled by one huge organisation, which has plans to use this control to dominate the planets. Unknown to them, a couple of maverick scientists accidentally develop a completely new form of energy supply and threaten the corporation's monopoly. Naturally, the corporation can't allow this to happen... A stunning story about the manipulation of pure energy, climaxing in interstellar conflict.(Summary by Boojumuk) (4 hr 57 min)


01 - Chapter One 11:27 Read by Kevin Green
02 - Chapter Two 21:04 Read by Kevin Green
03 - Chapter Three 10:24 Read by Kevin Green
04 - Chapter Four 21:40 Read by Kevin Green
05 - Chapter Five 15:02 Read by Kevin Green
06 - Chapter Six 12:13 Read by Kevin Green
07 - Chapter Seven 12:40 Read by Kevin Green
08 - Chapter Eight 10:28 Read by Kevin Green
09 - Chapter Nine 12:21 Read by Kevin Green
10 - Chapter Ten 10:32 Read by Kevin Green
11 - Chapter Eleven 5:36 Read by Kevin Green
12 - Chapter Twelve 8:58 Read by Kevin Green
13 - Chapter Thirteen 13:59 Read by Kevin Green
14 - Chapter Fourteen 11:30 Read by Kevin Green
15 - Chapter Fifteen 10:42 Read by Kevin Green
16 - Chapter Sixteen 16:49 Read by Kevin Green
17 - Chapter Seventeen 15:58 Read by Kevin Green
18 - Chapter Eighteen 16:08 Read by Kevin Green
19 - Chapter Nineteen 13:30 Read by Kevin Green
20 - Chapter Twenty 33:21 Read by Kevin Green
21 - Chapter Twenty-one 12:55 Read by Kevin Green


Cool story - great ending

(5 stars)

Two outcast scientists discover a source of power that allows them to do lots of different things. However, the head of the current power monopoly learns of this and, of course, can not allow that discovery to get into anyone's hands. Thus begins a fight between the two groups of people: the man who owns it all and sees himself as a benevolent dictator, and the men who see energy as a right for everyone so that they can determine for themselves how to live. This story is a great bit of sci-fi wrapped up with a moral message. It does call to mind the oil issues currently faced on our little world. The reader did an excellent job. The recordings are likewise excellent. Thanks!

Satisfied in Borneo

(4 stars)

A solid space adventure with scientists both good and bad in the eternal battle to prevail through technological superiority in order to save mankind. But, it's Kevin Green's sublime narration that elevates this book. Second book I've listened to read by him. I am now only looking for book narrated by him. Wonderful work Kevin.

(5 stars)

Great read. Very good story , plot line , and intellectually fosters a what can be , or may be, in spite of the misguided characters that exist in the story or could just as easily be found within our society if today. Thanks!

a very good listen.

(4.5 stars)

Excellent reader with some very good,and not overdone voice acting. Nice to hear those tones of Lancashire. Story has some far seeing concepts and holds the attention of the listener. will now go and refill my pipe.

great easy story

(4.5 stars)

Great story, even if a little cheeky by today's science. the reader was as always, easy to listen to and spun the story with an web that captures you from the start. Easily recommended.

Empire πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

(5 stars)

Wonderful story. Excellent naration. I definitely recommend a listen. Would make a great movie/ mini series. The latter would be better so as to tell the entire story in full.

Holy Techno-babble Batman!

(5 stars)

loved it. the amount of effort that went into attempting to explain the science is commendable. the characters are well enough developed, but no significant female characters.

gOod story

(4.5 stars)

The lack of female leads makes it better. As a male feminist, i realize anytime a male author includes female protagonist, those females will be oppressed and objectified. I therefore applaud the exclusion of females from SF. We need to protect females by excluding them. Hooray for feminism