Robert O'Hara Burke and the Australian Exploring Expedition of 1860

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(4.3 stars; 9 reviews)

A non-fictional account of Burke and Wills's 1860 expedition to cross the Australian continent from south to north and then return. Containing many excerpts from the diaries and accounts of the explorers, this book was published the year after the expedition met its disastrous end. More information at Wikipedia: Burke and Wills Expedition. (description written by trioptimum) (6 hr 5 min)


01 - Preface + Chapter 1 6:16 Read by Chris Chapman
02 - Chapter 2 10:02 Read by Chris Chapman
03 - Chapter 3 14:19 Read by Chris Chapman
04 - Chapter 4 8:20 Read by Chris Chapman
05 - Chapter 5 11:52 Read by Magdalena
06 - Chapter 6 11:57 Read by Magdalena
07 - Chapter 7 33:15 Read by Magdalena
08 - Chapter 8 8:37 Read by Magdalena
09 - Chapter 9 57:48 Read by Magdalena
10 - Chapter 10 31:42 Read by Magdalena
11 - Chapter 11 17:43 Read by Magdalena
12 - Chapter 12 53:19 Read by Magdalena
13 - Chapter 13 12:05 Read by Magdalena
14 - Chapter 14 25:01 Read by Magdalena
15 - Chapter 15 36:26 Read by Magdalena
16 - Chapter 16 26:37 Read by Magdalena


The author is quite intent on finding someone else to blame

(4 stars)

Burke does some things which get his party killed. He and Wills could have been saved by a few other people who let them down, sure, and the author is very careful to point out every one of these opportunities lost, but in Chapter 12, you can see Burke kill his men by accident. Not wanting to give spoilers, but King is the only one with a drop of sense: when the midden hits the windmill he's the only one with a strategy that works.

Facing doom with pluck and bravery

(5 stars)

Excellent readings of a contemporary work on the famous ill-fated expedition. First-hand accounts and the conclusions of subsequent investigations show both the exceptionally brave as well as the all-too-human side of the explorers. Go LibriVox!

Doomed from start

(4 stars)

Author continuely plays blame game,I found that very annoying. But that said readers did a good job, well worth a listen. Thanks enjoy !