The Girl from Montana

Read by Gail Mattern

(4.7 stars; 677 reviews)

Young Elizabeth, left orphaned by an evildoer who murders her last brother, flees Montana on horseback to find her remaining relatives in the East. Her social and spiritual journey leads her through harrowing encounters, struggles between good and evil, romance and, ultimately, love and fortune. Classic Grace Livingston Hill. (Introduction by Gail Mattern) (6 hr 15 min)


01 - The Girl, and a Great Peril 18:22 Read by Gail Mattern
02 - The Flight 25:58 Read by Gail Mattern
03 - The Pursuit 21:49 Read by Gail Mattern
04 - The Two Fugitives 16:33 Read by Gail Mattern
05 - A Night Ride 18:59 Read by Gail Mattern
06 - A Christian Endeavor Meeting in the Wilderness 30:04 Read by Gail Mattern
07 - Bad News 16:22 Read by Gail Mattern
08 - The Parting 19:55 Read by Gail Mattern
09 - In a Trap 23:09 Read by Gail Mattern
10 - Philadelphia at Last 25:56 Read by Gail Mattern
11 - In Flight Again 13:48 Read by Gail Mattern
12 - Elizabeth's Declaration of Independence 17:52 Read by Gail Mattern
13 - Another Grandmother 25:32 Read by Gail Mattern
14 - In a New World 17:28 Read by Gail Mattern
15 - An Eventful Picnic 23:16 Read by Gail Mattern
16 - Alone Again 17:25 Read by Gail Mattern
17 Part 1 - A Final Flight and Pursuit 29:40 Read by Gail Mattern
17 Part 2 - A Final Flight and Pursuit 13:12 Read by Gail Mattern



(5 stars)

Yet another wonderful novel by Grace Livingston Hill, probably my favourite. I can't get enough of her books - this is the third in 2 weeks. I particularly love the references to God, and the encouraging testimony throughout. The Bible verses were so comforting. It makes me long for a godly romance too. Gail did a great job, again, at reading. I love her voice - wish she did more readings! All in all, it was perfect. I wish it was many, many hours longer.

(3 stars)

This was an adventurous romance novel for Christian women to enjoy as it is flowery in speech. It was a bit difficult at times to get around the Brooklyn accent of the reader. Over all, the story was good and demonstrated strength of character.


(4.5 stars)

I really enjoyed listening to this. I love the how the main character is different to most women being portrayed in that time period. I do love classic stories with more simple characters. But Elizabeth’s personality was so fun. I also love the dialogue between Elizabeth and George. It was very personal and you got to learn a lot more about the characters for who they really are. Gail Mattern did a great job at capturing the different characters’ voices. Elizabeth’s journey with God and her new outlook on faith was one of my favorite parts.This is definitely one of my favorite books now.

sweet read religious throughout

(4 stars)

very good job done by the volunteer reader, thank you! a clean romance novel. very sweet sounding. you just want to smack the main characters because they just keep getting in there own way for finding love with each other. you find yourself going "oh no! you forgot to tell him____." the book talks a lot about god, faith, and saving power. not as clever a thriller as the authors other books.

avid reader

(5 stars)

loved the narrator...this is the second book I have listened to that she has read. ' The Enchanted Barn' is another one that was read with animated voices of the characters that came alive in the story. The author Grace Livingston Hill fills ones heart with joy of a world that is sadly lacking in the one we live in today

Nice Read

(4 stars)

Yes, reader does decent job, has eastern accent (not too thick), & enunciated a little slower than I'd prefer. But that's okay. As to the "leaving too many unanswered questions at the end", I felt it was all part of the author's intension "they lived happily ever after" & serving / living out their faith.

what a great listen!!!

(5 stars)

What fun! Gail Mattern has the greatest voice and inflections. I had ne'er heard of author Grace Livingston Hill, which is what I love about Librivox. Great books which I would never have experienced, save this format. I am working my way through Gail's readings and Grace's writings.

a great romance adventure

(4.5 stars)

the girl from Montana is an adventure from the very first chapter. it is a Christian thriller romance and has very good character development. The reader has a strong American accent which fits with the characters in the story and the time it was written in.