Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz (Version 2)

Read by Phil Chenevert

(4.7 stars; 176 reviews)

Dorothy is swallowed by an earthquake! And that is just the start of Dorothy's adventures in this exciting and fun book. She and her kitten, Eureka are on their way home and stop to visit a relative in California. But the earthquake opens the ground under their feet and everyone, including the horse and buggy and her cousin Zeb fall deep, deep into the earth. Down there they find they can walk on air, but are attacked by the strange and dangerous vegetable creatures. But who should drop in but Dorothy's old friend the Wizard of Oz with 9 tiny piglets! And all the animals can talk! From there the adventure really begins to get strange but in the end all is well when Ozma rescues them but I won't tell you how. Whew! what an exciting book! (Summary by Phil Chenevert) (4 hr 23 min)


01 - The Earthquake 8:56 Read by Phil Chenevert
02 - The Glass City 20:12 Read by Phil Chenevert
03 - The Arrival of the Wizard 16:14 Read by Phil Chenevert
04 - The Vegetable Kingdom 11:43 Read by Phil Chenevert
05 - Dorothy Picks the Princess 12:49 Read by Phil Chenevert
06 - The Mangaboos Prove Dangerous 11:19 Read by Phil Chenevert
07 - Into the Black Pit and Out Again 7:36 Read by Phil Chenevert
08 - The Valley of Voices 10:31 Read by Phil Chenevert
09 - They Fight the Invisible Bears 17:04 Read by Phil Chenevert
10 - The Braided Man of Pyramid Mt 10:18 Read by Phil Chenevert
11 - They Meet the Wooden Gargoyles 14:27 Read by Phil Chenevert
12 - A Wonderful Escape 16:32 Read by Phil Chenevert
13 - The Den of the Dragonettes 13:27 Read by Phil Chenevert
14 - Ozma Uses the Magic Belt 16:52 Read by Phil Chenevert
15 - Old Friends Are Reunited 18:39 Read by Phil Chenevert
16 - Jim, the Cab-Horse 14:18 Read by Phil Chenevert
17 - The Nine Tiny Piglets 14:39 Read by Phil Chenevert
18 - The Trial of Eureka, the Kitten 9:40 Read by Phil Chenevert
19 - The Wizard Performs Another Trick 12:56 Read by Phil Chenevert
20 - Zeb Returns to the Ranch 5:24 Read by Phil Chenevert



(5 stars)

The readers voice is really clear and I could understand everything.

(5 stars)

All oz books are amazing! The reader is very good, too!

Fantastic reading; weaker story

(5 stars)

Phil Chenevert does a masterful job once again. However, the story suffers from a "deus ex machina" and plot elements that are suddenly introduced and abandoned. Ozma is a much better book!

C & S

(5 stars)

Narrator does a wonderful job. Really an excellent story teller. My 11 year old enjoyed the book but we both agreed that The Wizard of Oz is far superior.

Another great book!

(5 stars)

I am greatly enjoying listening to the full series. The reader does a wonderful job of keeping the listener's interest.

really good

(5 stars)

cool story and amazing reading

Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz

(3 stars)

Dorothy conveniently forgets that ozma could have saved them the moment they fell into the earth and leads her party into unnecessary danger multiple times. Ozma, quite uncharacteristically, basically demands the wizard give her one of his pets for her own then nearly has Dorothy’s kitten beheaded when she carelessly neglects it then assumes the kitten ate it. Baum seemed to get bored of the four nearly identical harrowing battles before ozma saves them with the Goblin King’s belt and just sort of went off into a different story completely. Also, Jim the horse is a tremendous asshole.

not good morals, slow going book

(3.5 stars)

love the reader, was happy he was able to read it all thought. look for more book by him. this story is not as good as the first book. sad. almost every place they went they interfered with the towns eating or destroyed each and all. I don't like how the took things from the characters as then destroyed it rather then returned it. I like when in the first book they help and got the help they need. not so here.