Lives of Poor Boys Who Became Famous

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These characters have been chosen from various countries and from varied professions, that the youth who read this book may see that poverty is no barrier to success. It usually develops ambition, and nerves people to action. Life at best has much of struggle, and we need to be cheered and stimulated by the careers of those who have overcome obstacles.

If Lincoln and Garfield, both farmer-boys, could come to the Presidency, then there is a chance for other farmer-boys. If Ezra Cornell, a mechanic, could become the president of great telegraph companies, and leave millions to a university, then other mechanics can come to fame. If Sir Titus Salt, working and sorting wool in a factory at nineteen, could build one of the model towns of the world for his thousands of workingmen, then there is encouragement and inspiration for other toilers in factories. These lives show that without WORK and WILL no great things are achieved.

I have selected several characters because they were the centres of important historical epochs. With Garibaldi is necessarily told the story of Italian unity; with Garrison and Greeley, the fall of slavery; and with Lincoln and Sheridan, the battles of our Civil War. (Summary by Sarah K. Bolton) (9 hr 31 min)


George Peabody 19:37 Read by Pamela Krantz
Bayard Taylor 22:19 Read by Mary Schneider
Captain James B. Eads 11:03 Read by Barry Eads
James Watt 21:30 Read by sid
Sir Josiah Mason 12:09 Read by Mike Pelton
Bernard Palissy 16:42 Read by Mike Pelton
Bertel Thorwaldsen 11:53 Read by Kristine Bekere
Wolfgang Mozart 14:12 Read by Elli
Samuel Johnson 10:34 Read by Kara Shallenberg (1969-2023)
Oliver Goldsmith 10:54 Read by Lucretia B.
Michael Faraday 24:28 Read by Uday Sagar
Sir Henry Bessemer 16:27 Read by Rosie
Sir Titus Salt 9:27 Read by Pamela Krantz
Joseph Marie Jacquard 11:07 Read by Rosie
Horace Greeley 29:39 Read by Mark DeVol
William Lloyd Garrison 33:20 Read by Lucretia B.
Giuseppe Garibaldi 23:03 Read by Debra
Jean Paul Richter 29:16 Read by Mike Pelton
Leon Gambetta 22:09 Read by MaryAnn
David G. Farragut 24:27 Read by Debra
Ezra Cornell 21:49 Read by sid
Lieut.-General Sheridan 28:47 Read by Debra
Thomas Cole 21:21 Read by Ann Boulais
Ole Bull 26:59 Read by MaryAnn
Meissonier 15:30 Read by MaryAnn
Geo. W. Childs 15:36 Read by Jon Smith
Dwight L. Moody 27:45 Read by MaryAnn
Abraham Lincoln 39:10 Read by Barry Eads


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Great readers except 4 of them. I don’t understand why LibriVox insists on using readers with extremely thick accents. I’m not racist, I just can’t understand them.