Light and Peace: Instructions for Devout Souls to Dispel Their Doubts and Allay…

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Padre Quadrupani was an Italian priest and member of the Clerics Regular of St. Paul, also known as the Barnabites, from their association with St. Barnabas Catholic Church in Milan, Italy. Quadrupani's spirituality is based on that of the illustrious Doctor of the Church, St. Francis de Sales (1567-1622). Like St. Francis, the Padre offers spiritual advice that is practical and balanced. Perhaps it is owing to this that Quadrupani's treatise has been so well received by Catholic laypersons and has been recommended by numerous bishops over the years. This English edition, Light and Peace, is introduced by The Most Rev. Patrick John Ryan, Archbishop of Philadelphia, and bears an imprimatur. It is generously augmented with excerpts from the writings of St. Francis de Sales, St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Bernard, Pope St. Gregory the Great, St. Philip Neri, Archbishop Francois Fenelon, Father Lorenzo Scupoli, and other spiritual authorities. (Summary by dave7) (4 hr 31 min)


A helpful book in these trying times.

(5 stars)

Very meaningful book and well read.

Extremely great!

(5 stars)

This book is extremely great and I can't find more appropriate words for describing its enlightening thoughts! From the very start to the very end the author gives us many theoretical and - especially - practical advises on how to live a peaceful and joyful life. Through the recalling of many wisdom words by St. Francis de Sales and other Saints he shows that we only have to do ordinary things to be good in God's eyes. And so we can and should throw away from us any doubt, fear or anxious - and just obtain simplicity. Since God lives in peace and He only speaks to us in peace, and He love what is small. The book helps to see better who God really is and who are we. And that was also possible thanks to the excellent reading by dave7. Thank you, Brother, from the bottom of my heart!