The Deeper Christian Life

Read by Phil Snyder

(4.8 stars; 306 reviews)

If you were put on trial for being a Christian, would you be convicted? Christians have asked themselves this question, or ones like it, for millennia. In his book, The Deeper Christian Life, Andrew Murray helps us come to grips with those nagging insecurities in our Christian walk. A shallow relationship with God leads us down a road of doubt and insecurities. Can I be forgiven? How can I forgive? Murray tells us that we can go deeper in our relationship with God, and with that deeper relationship comes growing confidence and joy in the gospel. That joy springs from the knowledge of God's grace in forgiving us, and enables us to extend that grace to others in our lives. (Summary from the introduction) (2 hr 36 min)


1 - Daily Fellowship with God 7:59 Read by Phil Snyder
2 - Privilege and Experience 21:05 Read by Phil Snyder
3 - Carnal or Spiritual? 20:27 Read by Phil Snyder
4 - Out of and Into 19:08 Read by Phil Snyder
5 - The Blessing Secured 22:06 Read by Phil Snyder
6 - The Presence of Christ 25:25 Read by Phil Snyder
7 - A Word to Workers 23:38 Read by Phil Snyder
8 - Consecration 16:15 Read by Phil Snyder


Thankyou for reading this book with your spirit

(5 stars)

Once again thankyou reading this book with your spirit because hearing this book has caused me to be open to my Lord in my spirit. For we are many members in the body but yet indivdual and then become One in Life and in nature in eternity Amen.

Refreshing reminder

(4 stars)

I thoroughly enjoyed this book on living by the Holy Spirit. It is packed with very simple truths and very simple steps to opening up your heart to the Spirit's move. Thank you for the narration!

Well Written, Well Read

(5 stars)

1. The author deals with matters that encourage the seeking and struggling alike, but also afflicts the comfortable to rise from the couch of spiritual laziness. I appreciate that. 2. I like the reader’s style and sound, so I appreciate him giving his information at the end so those interested can seek out additional information.

The deeper Christian Life

(5 stars)

I always find Andrew Murray insightful, practical and thoroughly Biblical. His writings have a way of reaching the very heart of the issue, and always fill me with faith to believe that God IS able. This is a wonderful recording. Phil really brings life and passion to his reading, thank you!

The Deeper Christian Life

(5 stars)

This is a powerful teaching that focuses on how important it is for The Holy Spirit to be in us as Children Of God. We cannot live without God in our hearts. This is a teaching that is not heard often in this age.

Always what I need when I need it!

(5 stars)

I believe God chose Andrew Murray's words to help me better understand what He is teaching me. Bless each of you who have been brought to his books! Thank u for the wonderful narration, I enjoyed it immensely! :)

Stirring Book & Brilliantly Well Read

(5 stars)

Thanks Phil. Brilliantly Well Read. Stirring book with truths that, more than 100 years later, are still the answer to true life in Christ. God bless you Andrew Murray. God bless you Phil for making these truths accessible to me.


(5 stars)

this book is amazing. it's short and to the point, but so powerful. it gives practical steps for how to be filled with the holy spirit. upon hearing these steps I immediately began to apply them. it has brought peace to my days.