The Pastor's Wife

Read by James E. Carson

(4.5 stars; 39 reviews)

Written by an author born in Australia, grew up in England, married in Germany, and then flew to the United States. A tale about a young woman, freed up from the bonds of her family life, to wonder all around in search of all things feminist. The story seems somewhat autobiographical, surrounded in disillusionment and humor. Written on the eve of World War I and just back from married life in Germany. (Summary by JCarson) (16 hr 18 min)


01 Section 01 1:03:43 Read by James E. Carson
02 Section 02 1:01:07 Read by James E. Carson
03 Section 03 58:13 Read by James E. Carson
04 Section 04 1:04:19 Read by James E. Carson
05 Section 05 1:00:43 Read by James E. Carson
06 Section 06 1:01:55 Read by James E. Carson
07 Section 07 1:02:47 Read by James E. Carson
08 Section 08 1:08:16 Read by James E. Carson
09 Section 09 1:00:13 Read by James E. Carson
10 Section 10 1:00:10 Read by James E. Carson
11 Section 11 1:01:16 Read by James E. Carson
12 Section 12 1:00:23 Read by James E. Carson
13 Section 13 1:02:30 Read by James E. Carson
14 Section 14 1:00:24 Read by James E. Carson
15 Section 15 58:36 Read by James E. Carson
16 Section 16 54:24 Read by James E. Carson


Innocent love

(5 stars)

While this is not considered one of Arnim's best books it was my first and I absolutely loved it! It took a few chapters to become attached to the naive Ingeborg but patience pays well. Ingeborg marries to escape her stifling home life only to be placed in the same situation. But she loves her husband who only notices her as long as she pleases him. Although, living in an isolated area she meets and becomes "friends" with the charming artist "Ingram". They dash off to Italy together and the rest of the story will keep you listening well imo the early hours! James E. Carson is excellent as the narrator of this unique and fascinating tale.

Social Satire in an odd but clever tale

(5 stars)

I'm not catching the feminist vibe here. It is a story about an odd, naive, passive young woman looking for a life that will fulfill her desire for beauty. But she doesn't understand what she really wants, and living in a strange country doesn't help. There are some absolutely hilarious moments. I really enjoyed it.

Excellent Reading

(4 stars)

The Pastor's wife falls short of the Enchanted April by the same author. It is interesting, slow, and then interesting again. However James Carson's reading (5+ stars)is so very good that I enjoyed the book (3 stars).

Agonizingly sad with moments of humor

(5 stars)

Excellent, raw and so real. The plight of women has been so difficult and still, in so many countries, they are valuable only as child bearers.

(4 stars)

Excellent reading. A penetrating study of the stultifying life many middleclass women led in the 19th century. von Arnims writing is delightful, but the pace is "langsam"

Very Good

(5 stars)

Well read. Still the same subtle humor as Von Arnim’s other books but a bit darker, a bit sadder.

Gripping story. Elizabeth Von Arnim is a talented writer and James E. Carson a …

(5 stars)