Satires and Profanities

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"Believing as I do that James Thomson is, since Shelley, the most brilliant genius who has wielded a pen in the service of Freethought, I take a natural pride and pleasure in rescuing the following articles from burial in the great mausoleum of the periodical press. There will doubtless be a diversity of opinion as to their value. One critic, for instance, has called “The Story of a Famous Old Jewish Firm” a witless squib; but, on the other hand, the late Professor Clifford considered it a piece of exquisite mordant satire worthy of Swift. Such differences are inevitable from the very nature of the subject. Satire, more than any other form of composition, rouses antipathy where it does not command applause; and the greater the satire, the more intense are the feelings it excites." (G. W. Foote in his Preface) (7 hr 22 min)


00 - Preface by G. W. Foote 11:15 Read by Crln Yldz Ksr
01 - The Devil in the Church of England 27:48 Read by Lucretia B.
02 - Religion in the Rocky Mountains 44:25 Read by Bill Mosley
03 - The Story of a Famous Old Jewish Firm 38:04 Read by Richard Kilmer (1942 - 2022)
04 - Christmas Eve in the Upper Circles 27:27 Read by Mike Pelton
05 - Heine on an Illustrious Exile with Something About Whales 21:25 Read by James Bendall
06 - The Daily News 19:20 Read by Richard Kilmer (1942 - 2022)
07 - Jesus: As God, As a Man 14:14 Read by acloward
08 - The One Thing Needful 11:12 Read by Rhonda Federman
09 - The Swinburne Controversy 18:20 Read by Martin Geeson
10 - Great Christ is Dead 12:55 Read by acloward
11 - Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus 14:29 Read by acloward
12 - Some Muslim Laws and Beliefs 27:44 Read by NoelBadrian
13 - The Christian World and the Secularist 9:26 Read by April Gonzales
14 - The Athanasian Creed 10:58 Read by Kenji Yamada
15 - Our Obstructions 19:50 Read by Richard Kilmer (1942 - 2022)
16 - Mr. Kingsley's Convertites 23:00 Read by Daniel Frosh
17 - The Primate on the Church and the World 18:50 Read by Martin Geeson
18 - Spiritism in the Police Court 15:23 Read by Lucretia B.
19 - A Commission of Inquiry on Royalty 18:44 Read by Martin Geeson
20 - Draft 8:57 Read by Martin Geeson
21 - A Bible Lesson on Monarchy 12:56 Read by Rhonda Federman
22 - Principal Tulloch on Personal Immortality 6:45 Read by April Gonzales
23 - The Established Church 9:17 Read by Jane Park