The Silent Barrier

Read by Mary Herndon Bell

(4.5 stars; 242 reviews)

Charles K. Spencer is a well-to-do young American mining engineer. Drinking his water in a hotel in London one day, he overhears a conversation between two young women, one of whom is to go to Switzerland. He decides to play "fairy godfather" and send the other girl there as well, also to further her career as a writer for a scientific journal. However, the girl is shadowed on her journey by the mysterious Mr. Bower. Convinced that Bower is a rogue, Mr. Spencer decides to follow them to protect the girl... (Summary by Carolin) (9 hr 15 min)


01 - The Wish 28:57 Read by Mary Herndon Bell
02 - The Fulfillment of the Wish 34:07 Read by Mary Herndon Bell
03 - Wherein Two People Become Better Acquainted 34:56 Read by Mary Herndon Bell
04 - How Helen Came to Maloja 32:22 Read by Mary Herndon Bell
05 - An Interlude 30:51 Read by Mary Herndon Bell
06 - The Battlefield 29:23 Read by Mary Herndon Bell
07 - Some Skirmishing 33:38 Read by Mary Herndon Bell
08 - Shadows 36:03 Read by Mary Herndon Bell
09 - 'Etta's Father' 35:26 Read by Mary Herndon Bell
10 - On The Glacier 36:05 Read by Mary Herndon Bell
11 - Wherein Helen Lives a Crowded Hour 31:55 Read by Mary Herndon Bell
12 - The Allies 34:14 Read by Mary Herndon Bell
13 - The Compact 37:37 Read by Mary Herndon Bell
14 - Wherein Millicent Arms for the Fray 36:56 Read by Mary Herndon Bell
15 - A Coward's Victory 36:20 Read by Mary Herndon Bell
16 - Spencer Explains 25:45 Read by Mary Herndon Bell
17 - The Settlement 21:15 Read by Mary Herndon Bell


Thanks Again

(5 stars)

Thank you, Mary Herndon Bell, and I am very sincere in saying that your excellent reading of this very good story has added much to my enjoyment of it. I believe anyone who listened to this story as read by you would agree, even though they were indifferent to the story, that your reading of it was very well done. But I must add that it would be ethically impossible for me to criticize anyone who gave of their time and energy so unselfishly for the benefit of others. God Bless Librivox.

An enjoyable romance novel.

(5 stars)

I am not usually interested in tales of love unless they are an aside to a good mystery, but Mr Tracy spins a very good tale.


(5 stars)

A well read story. easy to listen to and enjoyable. Not my normal book but really enjoyed it.

Very enjoyable

(5 stars)

This is a tale that includes love, in sight into human nature and mountaineering. I was pleased that the author had knowledge of mountain climbing and described the equipment and climbing techniques accurately. It was interesting to hear the stories of the rich English of the time and how reluctant they were to admit newcomers into their clique. The reader is excellent and I liked her style.

(5 stars)

Excellent ending, compelling story, great character crafting. Great reader. Brings the Alps alive, pushes elite snobbery to a cliff edge redemption, resolves a haunting and disturbing wrong, then drives romance to the pinnacle of a challenging icy slope after a difficult relational climb. Enough whimsy humor and lightness that the story never drags and interest is easily maintained throughout. This is easily my favorite by this author.

A gripping tale

(5 stars)

A gripping tale of suspense, misunderstandings, malice, revenge, and daring do. Set mostly in the picturesque Swiss Alps, which were very well described by the author, who had to have visited and traversed those great glacial peaks. I shall be looking for more stories both by this author and this Librivox volunteer.

(4.5 stars)

Sparky ……….. reader , excellent! The characters written in good detail…the twists, captivating, the cemetery scene will stay with me when i have forgotten the story…held my interest even though the ending is evident from the start

Good reader, average story

(3 stars)

Unfortunately, I didn't like it as much as I expected. The plot is too simple and predictable, the heroine is bland, with no individuality. But the reader did an awesome job.