Tom Swift and his Airship

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(4.1 stars; 80 reviews)

In Tom Swift and His Airship, Tom Swift has finished his latest invention- the Red Cloud, a fast and innovative airship. Tom is anxious for a cross-country trial, but just before he and his friends take off, the Shopton bank is robbed. No sooner is Tom in the air than he is blamed for the robbery. Suddenly, he's a wanted fugitive but doesn't know why until he's half-way across the country. With no safe harbor or friend on the land below, Tom must race back to Shopton to clear his name before he's shot out of the sky. (Summary by Wikipedia) (4 hr 30 min)


01 - An Explosion 15:12 Read by Theresa Sheridan
02 - Ned Sees Mysterious Men 12:27 Read by delorienaz
03 - Whitewashed 13:48 Read by Mike Pelton
04 - A Trial Trip 14:12 Read by Mike Pelton
05 - Colliding With A Tower 9:39 Read by Mike Pelton
06 - Getting Off the Roof 11:48 Read by Mike Pelton
07 - Andy Tries a Trick 9:57 Read by Rick Cahill
08 - Winning a Prize 13:27 Read by Rick Cahill
09 - The Runaway Auto 10:29 Read by John W. Michaels
10 - A Bag of Tools 13:07 Read by Bill Mosley
11 - The "Red Cloud" Departs 11:16 Read by Monika Rolley
12 - Some Startling News 9:00 Read by Monika Rolley
13 - Mr. Damon in Danger 10:11 Read by Monika Rolley
14 - Andy Gives the Clue 10:44 Read by Tommy Howell
15 - Fired Upon 7:26 Read by Tommy Howell
16 - Over a Fiery Furnace 10:20 Read by John W. Michaels
17 - "Wanted--For Robery!" 13:12 Read by Bill Mosley
18 - Back For Vindication 8:12 Read by Tommy Howell
19 - Wrecked 13:00 Read by Bill Mosley
20 - Tom Gets a Clue 9:37 Read by Tommy Howell
21 - On The Trail 6:16 Read by John W. Michaels
22 - The Sheriff On Board 9:08 Read by Ric F
23 - On To The Camp 5:00 Read by April Gonzales
24 - The Raid 11:27 Read by Ric F
25 - Andy Gets his Reward 11:50 Read by Ric F


narration is not as good in some cases...

(4 stars)


(5 stars)

awesome book and great narration, I just wish that there were more books by this author there are well over 100 books between Victor Appleton and Victor Appleton II (Victor Appleton II however is actually various different authors) Here's the wiki link to the Tom Swift Jr page:,_Jr. The link to the main wiki entry for all of Tom Swift: Lastly the link to all of the Tom Swift books written including both public domain and non PD books: (yes this review is from my phone and the link's are .m. for ease the of those on tablets and phone's) Better than half of the series aren't in the public domain. However books #1-#25, and #39 of the original series are in PD, and a few others of the "Tom Swift Jr." series are also works in the PD

Some of the readers suck

(2 stars)

If you can manage dealing with some of the readers (ch 10, 11 ect) either unable to pronounce simple words or over exaggerating others, it's a fun little book. Mr. Mosleye from TX please never read again, you are terrible.

(4 stars)

Appleton is king of coincidence. Still, the books are always amusing

poor reading

(1.5 stars)

this was a decent story, about as expected., but it was ruined by a few terrible readers. April Gonzalez was unintelligible. I completely lost that chapter. Monica Rolly was nearly as bad, she and RicF don't seem to be able to read complete sentences. librivox should reconsider the policy of having multiple readers on a single book. I've started a personal list of readers, some of which I look for, some of which I won't listen to. it would be nice if the app could track that. cudos to all the volunteers, but a bad reader is worse than none. these three are just plain bad.

A simple but great story.

(4.5 stars)

A little corny but fun for boys of all ages from 8 to 88! most of the readers did an excellent job but a few were a little hard to follow because of their heavy accents, but were still mostly understandable. I appreciate the work they put into this for free. Thank you

(5 stars)

The Story was fantastic but due to some of the Narrators was difficult to listen too. Hope at some day in the future Mark Smith provides the naration.

Youthful boyhood adventures at its best.

(4.5 stars)

I really enjoyed this Tom Swift youthful boyhood adventures of a time when technology was just starting to change the world.