The Great K. & A. Train-Robbery

Read by David Wales

(4.4 stars; 91 reviews)

In this short novel the narrator is a superintendent on the K. & A. railroad, sometime in the late nineteenth century. The train is robbed somewhere in the Arizona desert. Various adventures involve this young superintendent. Romance is provided by a comely passenger. (Summary by David Wales) (3 hr 43 min)


01 The Party On Special No. 218 19:37 Read by David Wales
02 The Holding-Up Of Overland No. 3 14:16 Read by David Wales
03 A Night's Work On The Alkali Plains 14:00 Read by David Wales
04 Some Rather Queer Road Agents 12:57 Read by David Wales
05 A Trip To The Grand Canyon 15:16 Read by David Wales
06 The Happenings Down Hance's Trail 14:54 Read by David Wales
07 A Change Of Base 12:48 Read by David Wales
08 How Did The Secret Leak Out? 15:06 Read by David Wales
A Talk Before Breakfast 11:46 Read by David Wales
10 Waiting For Help 13:03 Read by David Wales
11 The Letters Change Hands Again 11:53 Read by David Wales
12 An Evening In Jail 13:52 Read by David Wales
13 A Lesson In Politeness 12:34 Read by David Wales
14 "Listeners Never Hear Anything Good" 11:10 Read by David Wales
15 The Surrender Of The Letters 12:16 Read by David Wales
16 A Gloomy Good-by 17:43 Read by David Wales


excellent read & a hokey but cute story

(4 stars)

the reader did a fantastic job! if it wasnt for the reader i may have given up on this book. this is a kind of hokey "aww shocks ma'am" type story. a boring train robbery but the book gets kind of interesting in the middle to end area. a love story as well. clean for adults or children.


(5 stars)

The author certainly makes the reader wait. A complicated story with lots of good guys and plenty of bad guys. The cavalry actually saves the day. And, no one could have read it with the panache of DW.


(5 stars)

this story is fun fun fun. the narration is superb. story doesn't drag many others. just delightful! thank you David Wales and all who edited it.

(5 stars)

Loved it! Loved it! Loved it! Beautifully read. For a train robbery with a suprising twist, I highly recommend this audiobook. Now for the movie.

(5 stars)

A very charming and entertaining story, written in a witty and lighthearted style, and narrated with great verve by Mr Wales.

Good story

(5 stars)

A well written story which was well read. very enjoyable.

(4 stars)

Good short story that is very well read! Thank you!

A Fun Diversion

(4 stars)

A cute, feel-good story.