Afloat on the Ohio

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Afloat on the Ohio, An Historical Pilgrimage, of a Thousand Miles in a Skiff, From Redstone to Cairo.

There were four of us pilgrims—my Wife, our Boy of ten and a half years, the Doctor, and I. My object in going—the others went for the outing—was to gather "local color" for work in Western history. The Ohio River was an important factor in the development of the West. I wished to know the great waterway intimately in its various phases,—to see with my own eyes what the borderers saw; in imagination, to redress the pioneer stage, and repeople it. ( From the Preface )

(7 hr 21 min)


00 - Preface 5:24 Read by David Lawrence
01 - Chapter I 33:11 Read by Bill Mosley
02 - Chapter II 7:55 Read by Becky Cook
03 - Chapter III 12:40 Read by Robert Hoffman
04 - Chapter IV 14:11 Read by Robert Hoffman
05 - Chapter V 17:59 Read by Robert Hoffman
06 - Chapter VI 15:51 Read by Robert Hoffman
07 - Chapter VII 14:44 Read by Sue Anderson
08 - Chapter VIII 15:05 Read by Robert Hoffman
09 - Chapter IX 13:31 Read by Robert Hoffman
10 - Chapter X 23:49 Read by Theresa Sheridan
11 - Chapter XI 24:22 Read by Bill Mosley
12 - Chapter XII 17:53 Read by Bill Mosley
13 - Chapter XIII 24:46 Read by Robert Hoffman
14 - Chapter XIV 23:54 Read by Bill Mosley
15 - Chapter XV 27:23 Read by Jon Smith
16 - Chapter XVI 23:55 Read by rebcult
17 - Chapter XVII 17:45 Read by AS - andreastrano
18 - Chapter XVIII 19:02 Read by rdmagpie
19 - Chapter XIX 22:36 Read by rebcult
20 - Chapter XX 13:59 Read by Becky Cook
21 - Chapter XXI 20:38 Read by rebcult
22 - Appendix A 30:41 Read by rebcult


History and geography in a wonderfully descriptive story

(4.5 stars)

A wonderfully written travelogue of a family that takes to the water. History, geography, facts, figures, people and places all combined to make a delightful story. predominantly well read by various narrators with exception of one or two chapters. Ch 10 in particular is read awkwardly ( minus half a star)

Adventure in a summer's excursion

(5 stars)

A family takes a summer's trip down the Ohio River in a skiff; they find history, fascinating local color, and adventure.