The Great White Queen

Read by Tom Weiss

(4.4 stars; 96 reviews)

How to describe this book? In a word – savage. For those regular LibriVox Le Queux mystery listeners, this book is a step in a different direction by the author. The book starts out like most Le Queux. Our hero, Richard Scarsmere, befriends an individual (Omar) at an English boarding school who turns out to be an African prince from a kingdom called Mo. Omar receives a visit from one of his mother’s trusted advisers. His mother, the Great White Queen, seeks him to return home immediately. Omar convinces Scarsmere to return to Africa with him since there is little opportunity awaiting him in London. What follows is a tale of deceit, treachery, barbarity, and mystery. (Summary by Tom Weiss) (9 hr 21 min)


01 - A Romance 14:21 Read by Tom Weiss
02 - Omar's Slave 16:59 Read by Tom Weiss
03 - Outward Bound 12:23 Read by Tom Weiss
04 - A Strange Promise 11:50 Read by Tom Weiss
05 - The Giant's Finger 11:33 Read by Tom Weiss
06 - The Royal Jujus 12:42 Read by Tom Weiss
07 - Samory's Stronghold 12:18 Read by Tom Weiss
08 - The Secret of the Queen 12:02 Read by Tom Weiss
09 - Condemned To The Torture 11:04 Read by Tom Weiss
10 - Zomara 12:59 Read by Tom Weiss
11 - The Human Sacrifice 16:20 Read by Tom Weiss
12 - In The Sacred Grove 12:28 Read by Tom Weiss
13 - The Way Of The Thousand Steps 15:18 Read by Tom Weiss
14 - Foes 10:49 Read by Tom Weiss
15 - A Natural Grave 16:26 Read by Tom Weiss
16 - Words of Fire 19:24 Read by Tom Weiss
17 - A Salute of Bullets 15:11 Read by Tom Weiss
18 - The Mysterious Realm 12:21 Read by Tom Weiss
19 - The City In The Clouds 10:50 Read by Tom Weiss
20 - The Great White Queen 18:57 Read by Tom Weiss
21 - A Figure In The Shadow 14:59 Read by Tom Weiss
22 - To The Unknown 13:23 Read by Tom Weiss
23 - Under The Vampire's Wing 20:03 Read by Tom Weiss
24 - The Flaming Mouth 18:13 Read by Tom Weiss
25 - Liola 17:45 Read by Tom Weiss
26 - The First Blow 13:17 Read by Tom Weiss
27 - By The Naya's Orders 17:46 Read by Tom Weiss
28 - The Fight For The Emerald Throne 18:21 Read by Tom Weiss
29 - A Mystery 23:56 Read by Tom Weiss
30 - Treasure and Treason 23:31 Read by Tom Weiss
31 - A Spy's Startling Story 15:43 Read by Tom Weiss
32 - War 13:03 Read by Tom Weiss
33 - The Harem Slave 29:33 Read by Tom Weiss
34 - Liola's Discovery 28:53 Read by Tom Weiss
35 - Into The Mist 17:01 Read by Tom Weiss


David R.Smith

(5 stars)

Well read as always. A lengthy storybook taking the reader trough upper British schooling to over sea to mid Africa around the time of the Reign of Queen Victoria. An adventure with peril, and narrow escapes in the Classic story genre, heroes heroines and more... Enjoyable!

Bravo from Borneo

(1.5 stars)

This is a violent adventure into the depths of Africa where a Prince is betrayed and with his English friend must escape several situations and fight for his hidden lands and treasures. It's a brutal story and unlike the sophisticated tales that WLQ typically writes. There are also what would today be considered inappropriate racial references, so typical of writings of the time. I listened all the way through as I had become engaged in the plot line and how it resolved itself, but was quite uncomfortable at some points.

(5 stars)

The story is good. The reader is excellent. You should be aware that advertising at the end of each chapter is extremely loud and almost not worth the fair trade of listening to ad's in exchange for free content.

(5 stars)

Wrapped up nicely with just enough open endedness to not be fairy tale happy. African Adventure at its finest. As usual, Tom did an excellent job reading

If you like H Ryder Haggard

(5 stars)

A bit of a different story line than his other books yet a great read.

non stop

(5 stars)

action packed story from start to finish. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Weĺl read as ever.

pretty good

(5 stars)

Adventure romance bloody battles described in detail... it has it all


(4 stars)

Very interesting and well read! It is a gruesome story though!