Incidents of Travel in Central America, Chiapas, and Yucatán, Vol. 2

Read by Sue Anderson

(4.8 stars; 33 reviews)

The year is 1838. The scene is the dense Honduran forest along the Copán River. Two men, John Lloyd Stephens and Frederick Catherwood, are about to rediscover Mayan civilization. Their guide, slashing through the rampant growth with his machete, leads them to a stone column, fourteen feet high, sculptured on the front with a portrait of a man, “solemn, stern and well fitted to excite terror,” covered on the sides with hieroglyphics, and with workmanship “equal to the finest monuments of the Egyptians.” Stephens records their discoveries and also his travels in Central America, while Catherwood directs his immense artistic talent to illustrating views of Mayan architecture. Incidents of Travel in Central America, Chiapas and Yucatán was a best seller in its day and has been called an “Indiana Jones” saga by modern reviewers. (Summary by Sue Anderson) (17 hr 15 min)


01 - Visit to the Volcano of Masaya; Lake of Managua 33:08 Read by Sue Anderson
02 - Baneful Effects of Party Spirit; Importance of a Passport 33:22 Read by Sue Anderson
03 - Eruption of 1835; Prejudice against Foreigners 33:28 Read by Sue Anderson
04 - Depredations of Rascon; Subterranean Fires 34:14 Read by Sue Anderson
05 - Surrender of the Town; Diplomacy 35:34 Read by Sue Anderson
06 - The Town taken by General Morazan; Plans Deranged 32:44 Read by Sue Anderson
07 - Arrival at Guatimala; A Sketch of the Wars 33:34 Read by Sue Anderson
08 - Purchasing a Ruined City; The Captain in Trouble 33:13 Read by Sue Anderson
09 - Last Interview with Carrera; Departure from Guatemala 32:14 Read by Sue Anderson
10 - A Sacred Stone; Losing a Good Friend 34:36 Read by Sue Anderson
11 - Whipping Posts; Ruins of Quiche 33:17 Read by Sue Anderson
12 - Description of the Ruins; A Facetious Cura 35:11 Read by Sue Anderson
13 - Royal Bird of Quiche; Another Lost City 33:43 Read by Sue Anderson
14 - Preparations for Holy Week; The Crucifixion 35:01 Read by Sue Anderson
15 - Sierra Madre; A Huge Skeleton 34:32 Read by Sue Anderson
16 - A Forest on Fire; Entry into Mexico 33:38 Read by Sue Anderson
17 - Scarcity of Soap; A Curious Cave 33:50 Read by Sue Anderson
18 - Indian Carriers; Ride in a Silla 33:42 Read by Sue Anderson
19 - Village of Palenque; Ruins of Palenque 32:49 Read by Sue Anderson
20 - Discovery of the Ruins of Palenque; Mammoth Fireflies 37:27 Read by Sue Anderson
21 - Mode of Life at Palenque; Description of the Palace 32:01 Read by Sue Anderson
22 - Effect of Insect Stings; A Scene of the Sublime and Terrible 31:21 Read by Sue Anderson
23 - Human Figures; Remarkable Hieroglyphics 30:16 Read by Sue Anderson
24 - Negotiations for Purchasing Palenque; Adventure with a Monstrous Ape 34:42 Read by Sue Anderson
25 - Embarcation for the Laguna; Shooting Alligators 35:08 Read by Sue Anderson
26 - Arrival at the Laguna; Journey to Merida 32:47 Read by Sue Anderson
27 - Value of Water; A Peculiar Kind of Coach 34:14 Read by Sue Anderson
28 - House of the Dwarf; An Indian Legend 37:47 Read by Sue Anderson
29 - Who built these ruined Cities?; Accounts of the Spanish Historians 33:17 Read by Sue Anderson
30 - Probable Antiquity of these Ruins; Exploration Finished 29:25 Read by Sue Anderson
31 - Getting Lost at Sea; Passage to New York 25:22 Read by Sue Anderson


Great book!

(5 stars)

I pick this book thinking I was jus going to kill some time hearing something about the Mayan. I never even heard of this author before. So as I read I started hearing places and historical carácters that I always heard of but never really knew about them. This book end it up waking up my desire for history now I must read more about everyone mention here. I am from El Salvador and I recomend this book to everyone I know.

History, Archeology, Travel!

(5 stars)

Incidentally, Spain tried to wipe out the complete history and culture of the Maya and other completely unique Central and South America civilizations. Although they sent people out to record the history, they greedily kept this information to themselves, and hid the location of the hundreds of ruins we are now only discovering, and only now beginning to dicipher the hieroglyphics.

Great books

(5 stars)

Just finished listening to both volumes, and I really enjoyed them. Thanks to Sue Anderson for doing such a great job, and taking the time to get these recorded so well. Both books are fascinating listening, and I would heartily recommend them.

Incidents of travel in Central America volume 2

(5 stars)

How the author of this incredible true adventure story made it without being killed along the way is amazing considering it occurred in the early 1800's. Well worth listening to for it's historic and entertainment value.

A Great Adventure

(5 stars)

This book is a fantastic journey back in time to understand the times. As well as amazing adventures and discoveries. It is no wonder this book endures.

(5 stars)

Whooo, what a ride! I'm as exhausted as our two travelers. Amazing reader too, you kept it strong, right to the end.

(5 stars)

Heading to the Maya ruins? A fun read to interest the reader in exploring the Yucatan

Thoughorly Engaging!

(5 stars)

Really an amazing book. The writer does such a great way of desc