The Carved Lions

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(4.7 stars; 17 reviews)

When two life sized carved lions from the east are given as a gift to an English household, the children of the house are enchanted, especially when the lions come to life and help take care of them. This is a delightful book for young girls but retains some adult appeal. The author Mrs Molesworth has been called "the Jane Austen of the nursery. (Summary by Ilianthe) (3 hr 46 min)


Old Days 20:25 Read by ilianthe
A Happy Evening 19:40 Read by ilianthe
Coming Events 17:54 Read by ilianthe
All Settled 19:45 Read by ilianthe
An Unpromising Beginning 23:24 Read by ilianthe
A New World 17:15 Read by Taylavoce
Gathering Clouds 15:39 Read by Taylavoce
'Nobody-Nobody' 19:05 Read by Taylavoce
Out in the Rain 18:21 Read by Taylavoce
Taking Refuge 18:09 Read by MaryAnne
Kind Friends 20:58 Read by MaryAnne
Good News 15:54 Read by MaryAnne


(5 stars)

A beautiful story, perfect for older children and adults. Sentimental and lovely. Strong readers.

Just Lovely

(5 stars)

Searching for more of her works

(4 stars)

Good story, but summary completely untrue.