The Children's Book of Christmas Stories

Read by Alisa

(4.4 stars; 89 reviews)

Many librarians have felt the need and expressed the desire for a select collection of children's Christmas stories in one volume. This book claims to be just that and nothing more. Each of the stories has already won the approval of thousands of children, and each is fraught with the true Christmas spirit. It is hoped that the collection will prove equally acceptable to parents, teachers, and librarians. (Summary from Book Preface) (7 hr 40 min)


Christmas At Fezziwig's Warehouse 4:21 Read by Alisa
The Fir-Tree 19:19 Read by Alisa
The Christmas Masquerade 22:42 Read by Alisa
The Shepherds And The Angels 2:14 Read by Alisa
The Tell Tale Tile 16:35 Read by Alisa
Little Girl's Christmas 13:37 Read by Alisa
A Christmas Matinee 14:24 Read by Alisa
Toinette And The Elves 24:34 Read by Alisa
The Voyage Of The Wee Red Cap 12:45 Read by Alisa
A Story Of The Christ-Child 9:56 Read by Alisa
Jimmy Scarecrow's Christmas 11:33 Read by Alisa
Why The Chimes Rang 9:43 Read by Alisa
The Birds' Christmas 8:10 Read by Alisa
The Little Sister's Vacation 17:41 Read by Alisa
Little Wolff's Wooden Shoes 9:20 Read by Alisa
Christmas In The Alley 15:33 Read by Alisa
A Christmas Star 8:12 Read by Alisa
The Queerest Christmas 17:21 Read by Alisa
Old Father Christmas 19:04 Read by Alisa
A Christmas Carol 5:10 Read by Alisa
How Christmas Came To The Santa Maria Flats 17:58 Read by Alisa
The Legend Of Babouscka 4:03 Read by Alisa
Christmas In The Barn 7:15 Read by Alisa
The Philanthropist's Christmas 19:02 Read by Alisa
The First Christmas Tree 2:08 Read by Alisa
The First New England Christmas 12:36 Read by Alisa
The Cratchits' Christmas Dinner 16:28 Read by Alisa
Christmas In 1776 12:07 Read by Alisa
Christmas Under The Snow 16:12 Read by Alisa
Mr. Bluff's Experiences Of Holidays 17:03 Read by Alisa
Master Sandy's Snap-Dragon 20:17 Read by Alisa
A Christmas Fairy 7:25 Read by Alisa
The Greatest Of These 17:32 Read by Alisa
Little Gretchen And The Wooden Shoe 18:33 Read by Alisa
Christmas On Big Rattle 9:45 Read by Alisa


Merry Christmas!!!

(5 stars)

Multi - cultural Christmas plus many tales I have longed to hear. Thank you libravov

Something for everyone!

(5 stars)

Wonderful stories read by a good narrator. There are many stories to choose from so there is something for everyone. I would recommend "Christmas under the snow".

The Children's Book of Christmas Stories

(5 stars)

Good book with stories I've not heard before. Reader has pleasant voice!


(5 stars)

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love the stories very nice sounding narrator

(5 stars)

Thanks for Christmas stories

(5 stars)

I have 21 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren. This list of Christmas stories gives me lots of material for our traditional "24 Days Before Christmas". I have sent printed games, stories, decorations, etc. Now I can send websites that give them more than one thing to do each day, or at least they can choose which they do for each day. I love archive dot org ! ! ! ! !

8 yr old enjoys them

(5 stars)

Listened to at least one per night around Christmas while winding down at night.

Many I have never read or heard before.

(4 stars)

Very versatile collection.