The Golden Calf

Read by Tara Dow

(4.6 stars; 140 reviews)

A late 19th Century sensation novel following the young life of Ida Palliser as she searches for fortune and love within England's Gentry Class. Victorian sensation books were often set in ordinary, familiar setting, undermining the perceived adherence to social convention. They exposed the true lives of Victorian England's upper class - lives they tried to keep hidden. (summary by James Dow) (16 hr 49 min)


01 - The Articled Pupil 25:04 Read by Tara Dow
02 - I Am Going to Marry for Money 37:23 Read by Tara Dow
03 - At the Knoll 25:17 Read by Tara Dow
04 - Wendover Abbey 23:14 Read by Tara Dow
05 - Dr. Rylance Asserts Himself 20:03 Read by Tara Dow
06 - A Birthday Feast 51:34 Read by Tara Dow
07 - In the River-Meadow 1:08:42 Read by Tara Dow
08 - At the Lock-house 34:25 Read by Tara Dow
09 - A Solemn League and Covenant 24:53 Read by Tara Dow
10 - A Bad Penny 35:53 Read by Tara Dow
11 - Accomplishments at a Discount 54:23 Read by Tara Dow
12 - The Sword of Damocles 28:31 Read by Tara Dow
13 - Kingthorpe Society 33:25 Read by Tara Dow
14 - The True Knight 1:08:08 Read by Tara Dow
15 - Mr. Wendover Plans an Excursion 19:09 Read by Tara Dow
16 - Thicker Than Water 14:53 Read by Tara Dow
17 - Ought She to Stay? 14:18 Read by Tara Dow
18 - After a Storm Comes a Calm 11:25 Read by Tara Dow
19 - After a Calm a Storm 25:11 Read by Tara Dow
20 - Was This the Motive? 34:40 Read by Tara Dow
21 - Taking Life Quietly 30:42 Read by Tara Dow
22 - Lady Palliser Studies the Upper Ten 31:17 Read by Tara Dow
23 - All Our Life is Mixed With Death 17:25 Read by Tara Dow
24 - Fruits Fail and Love Dies and Time Ranges 33:51 Read by Tara Dow
25 - Part 1 My Seed Was Youth, My Crop Was Endless Care 39:17 Read by Tara Dow
25 - Part 2 My Seed Was Youth, My Crop Was Endless Care 57:26 Read by Tara Dow
26 - And, If I Die, No Soul Will Pity Me 35:52 Read by Tara Dow
27 - John Jardine Solves the Mystery 45:47 Read by Tara Dow
28 - An Englishman's House is His Castle 16:38 Read by Tara Dow
29 - As One Dead in the Bottom of a Tomb 13:32 Read by Tara Dow
30 - A Fiery Dawn 15:13 Read by Tara Dow
31 - Sole Partner and Sole Part of All of These Joys 22:17 Read by Tara Dow


(4.5 stars)

I really liked this story. It's a drama not a mystery. Still, there were parts that were mysterious, suspenseful, & intriguing. There were also some twists. One occurred not too far into the story that was quite surprising to me. It made me really dislike the guy who created it & want to know if he got punished for it. I was interested in all of the characters, their lives, their growth as people, & their relationships with each other. I was interested the entire time. I do agree that the ending seemed short & abrupt but I also don't know if there was much more to say. At least it was what I wanted as it gave the characters some much needed happiness.

Actually mostly enjoyed!

(4 stars)

Was not an effort to listen to (this regarding actual story /lineplot). The reading were excellent... I think there was just one reader. Storyline was a little different but worked... For once I didn't feel she was wrapping-up the story but then decided she'd add more characters w/additional plot twist. But some of her characters can be real ditzes!! (Is that even a word????)

A good redressing of old themes.

(3.5 stars)

Although the plot twists are easily predictable, the realistic manner in which it is written doubly compensates. The second half is too drawn out, however, and then the final close is too abrupt and expected. A little pinched from Jane Eyre? On the other hand, I enjoyed how the author gave clichés a makeover. Definitely worth listening to. Superb narration!

a lesson in the worship of Manon

(5 stars)

well read. clear. great diction. wonderful characterization. thank you to the reader. a very talented lady. thankyou to the author, another talented lady. good for all ages but recomendable for young teen readers. topics: love of money, temperance, duty, true friendship, true love.

(5 stars)

I enjoyed this ever so much. I like how Ida grew more mature as the story progressed. It kept me listening - the narrator was excellent! I felt sad leaving the characters once the story was over - I grew to love them so much.

Good listen

(4 stars)

Not one of Braddon's best, but certainly no slouch in the interest department. It's just that there is little mystery and/or intrigue here. The narrator is the same throughout and she is really a pleasure to whom to listen.

(4 stars)

took a while to get into the story, but once in it, I was able to enjoy it. the main character has to go thru so many tragedies before she is able to have her love.

(4 stars)

it's unfortunate that MEB is dismissed as a writer of "sensation" novel, because the best parts of her books are her keen observations of manners and character - quite as acute as Austen or Dickens.