Jude the Obscure (Version 2)

Read by Tadhg

(4.6 stars; 184 reviews)

Eleven-year-old Jude Fawley, inspired by his teacher Mr. Phillotson, who leaves Marygreen for Christminster to take a university degree, decides to adopt the same course for himself. Raised by his great-aunt, he studies hard with the aid of some old Latin and Greek books sent to him by Phillotson.He trains as a stonemason in order to enable him to support himself when at the university. However when he finally arrives in Christminster he soon finds that a university education is not easily come by for one of his social standing.Meeting and falling in love with his cousin Sue Bridehead his future becomes a series of challenges to his moral, religious and social beliefs.

The novel caused quite a stir in late Victorian England due in part to it’s depiction of marriage and the role religion played in it. Savagely criticised on publication it led to Hardy turning from novel writing and concentrating for the rest of his career on poetry alone. It’s now considered one of Hardy’s finest works and is held up as an example of English novel writing at it’s best.

Summary by T.Hynes. (14 hr 12 min)


01-Part 1,Chapter 1 8:30 Read by Tadhg
02-Part 1,Chapter 2 15:25 Read by Tadhg
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04-Part 1,Chapter 4 11:25 Read by Tadhg
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(5 stars)

Don't read Thomas Hardy if you're looking for a tale of contented people being nice to each other and living happily ever after. Jude is at least as sad as Tess of the D'urbervilles (there's a good reading of that at https://archive.org/details/tess_durbervilles_ap_0810_librivox by the way) The subject is one of Hardy's favourites: conventional hypocrisy and how those who fight it inevitably come to a bad end -- remember, it was published in 1895. Not happy, but powerful. And decidedly NOT recommended for the parents of small children. As usual, TH does a masterly job of narration. It's cool and surprisingly effective to hear an Irishman put on a west country accent! Many thanks, Tadhg! TheBookworm (Manchester, UK)

Jude the Obscure

(5 stars)

Brilliant recording. This made a great difference to my understanding of this novel as I would have found reading it a challenge as this is not what I would choose to read. But as it’s part of my reading list this semester, I’ve no choice. However, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Listening to it gives a deeper meaning and I feel I have time to reflect on what has happened and also write notes. I really appreciate the time that has been put into this recording. I would highly recommended anyone to listen to them.

Beautiful Heart-wrenching Novel

(4.5 stars)

This novel is a heartbreaking story that is so beautifully written that it fully deserves to be called a classic. And like all great classics the story is very contemporary. The incredible narrator fully brings the story to life and has the perfect voice for immersing you into the time and place that is the setting for this book. The great length of the book works in its favor giving you time to live with the characters and develop real feelings for what ultimately happens to them.

a novel of its time

(4 stars)

this novel was very controversial when written because of its treatment of marriage and sexual relationships the late 19th century. the concepts might seem very old-fashioned these days but were very real to the poor people who had to live up to very strict social expectations. this is not a particularly dramatic novel like some of Hardys others, but a description of very deep emotions that could have mirrored his relationship with his first wife Emma. well read as ever by Taig Hynes

Depressingly and Beautifully Written

(4 stars)

This is my first Hardy book and I must say that it makes me hesitate to read another. His beautiful prose, unique metaphors and landscape setting is unparalleled however...was he just a morose dude or is this novel just a faction of his repertoire? Sooooooo daaaaaaang sad! The reader, Tadhg, is my favorite of the Librivox voices which is what drew me to this one. Well narrated and lovely but...I can't say I'll ever want to read it again.

Enjoyed Tadgh's reading immensely

(4 stars)

The book is very good, though not Hardy's best. Story is too contrived, the fickleness and flightiness of the main character is overdone. There aren't as many sections of simply beautiful prose that are in some of Hardy's other books. But I enjoyed the story and the reader was excellent. His accent is charming and worked well for Hardy. He showed emotion, did a good job of distinguishing between the different characters.

Jude revisited!

(5 stars)

Having "studied" Jude as a set text at university, many years ago, I thought I knew it well. What a pleasure it has been to revisit this thought-provoking novel through the medium of sound, and what a completely different experience it has been. I would recommend anyone to sit back and let this wonderful rendition wash over them.

(5 stars)

Fantastically well read. Bravo to the reader. This is a real soap opera of a story and I can see why the Victorians were scandalised. It's very modern and would stand up today as a movie or TV plot. Of course it's a lot more than that. Hardy is great with characters and everyday life of "Wessex" and "Churchminster".