The Divine Companion

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(4.6 stars; 82 reviews)

James Allen was a British philosophical writer known for his inspirational books and poetry and as a pioneer of the self-help movement.

In the introduction Lily Allen writes: "It cannot be said of this book that James Allen wrote it at any particular time or in any one year, for he was engaged in it over many years and those who have eyes to see and hearts to understand will find in its pages the spiritual history of his life. It was his own wish that The Divine Companion should be the last manuscript of his to be published. 'It is the story of my soul,' he said, 'and should be read last of all my books, so that the student may understand and find my message in its pages.'" (Summary by Wikipedia and Lily Allen) (2 hr 29 min)



(5 stars)

Thank you very much for your expressive reading of the dialogue, for articulation and, in addition to all that, the choice of the material! I feel very lucky that you chose to volunteer. As for the book, - brilliant channeling. Reminds one of Acim, which, probably, wouldn't have been understood at that time. Starts at part 2


(5 stars)

This was an inspiring book, so well written and read. You can feel James Allen's passion for the Lord in every word. I will most definitely be listening again.

Beautifully read. This is the best of James Allen

(5 stars)

This book is beautifully read. This is the best of James Allen's books. The fact that Algy Pug has narrated the book really makes it special.

The complet work of Allen

(5 stars)

Yes, I listened to this book, the last. It was a summary of all works. That life is continuum. Serenity serenity serenity.

Great Book

(5 stars)

This is the best book by James Allen. One of the greatest of all time. Nothing can be compared with this. It is one of a kind. There is nothing like it.

foundational book

(4 stars)

one could build a stable house 9n the foundations discussed within this book. the reader is clear however Christ himself may have fallen asleep listening to the tone.

James Allen's crowning achievement and life's work.

(5 stars)

James Allen should gain sainthood, but his writing cannot be contained within any one religion. This was the perfect summary to all his works. God Bless this man.