The Tosa Diary

Read by Availle

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Ki no Tsurayuki was a Japanese waka poet of the Heian period. In 905, he was one of the poets ordered to compile the "Kokinshu - Collected Japanese Poems of Ancient and Modern Times". He is also one of the Thirty-six Poetry Immortals of Japan.

The Tosa Diary, written in 935, is considered the major work of Ki. It is an account of his return to the capital Kyoto from Tosa province, where he had served as governor since 930. The journey is by boat, and Ki no Tsurayuki tells about his sea sickness and fear of pirates, his impressions of the coast, and the various offerings to placate the gods of the sea. The Tosa Diary is written entirely in kana (the women's alphabet) and contains many poems composed by Ki during the journey. (1 hr 29 min)


Introduction 9:15 Read by Availle
January 18 - February 7 16:14 Read by Availle
February 8 - February 18 16:52 Read by Availle
February 19 - March 1 14:42 Read by Availle
March 2 - March 12 18:34 Read by Availle
March 13 - March 23 14:15 Read by Availle


A Japanese Gem

(5 stars)

This is a real gem, and another marvelous reading by Availle. The verses intermingled with the descriptive prose make this story of the journey a delight and as fresh today as when it was written I feel.

(4.5 stars)

Im really loving everything Japan at the moment and content read by Availle is easy enough to listen to night or day. Not everyone likes her but I do.

(4 stars)

Lovely reading voice & really enjoyed the poetic backdrop for this autobiography.