R. Holmes and Co.

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(4.6 stars; 35 reviews)

Raffles Holmes is introduced in these stories as the son of the great Sherlock Holmes. He is also revealed to be the grandson of A.J. Raffles, a gentleman thief pursued by Sherlock Holmes many years earlier. This apparently contradictory family background sets the stage for his colorful and amusing adventures. (Summary by lubee930) (3 hr 12 min)


R. Holmes

(4 stars)

Really enjoyed this concept seeing I have read all the adventures of Sherlock.Holmes and Raffles I found this enjoyable & different. R.Holmes has his struggles and Jenkins helps him through these struggles and is rewarded for his efforts. Great job of reading by readers and another Bangs works that I found worth a listen

A Great Idea

(5 stars)

Raffles Holmes was such a smart & unique character to make. This book explains how he came to be & shares various tales of R. Holmes combining characteristics from both of his ancestors. I really enjoyed this book & the author's works.

Good compilation

(4 stars)

This is a nice mix of stories about the mischief of R Holmes, half good guy, and half bad guy. His companion Jenkins has his hands full keeping the Raffles at bay, especially when precious jewels are involved. The author did a nice job combining two literary heroes and imagining the stories that would result. It was a nice light read. Sound files were good, no complaints.

so fun to listen to

(5 stars)

Delightful. Todd as reader for most chapters had the perfect voice for the tone of the stories.

Great Fun. Wish There Were More!

(5 stars)

I could read and/or listen to many more stories and novels, featuring these characters.

good + bad = good

(4 stars)

Good set of stories of a hero/anti-hero type.